Trust Full Moon II

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The 14 November Full Moon (6am PST), which occurs in the same hour as the Station of Nessus, is intense.  A friend says, “I have heard many people say that this election is a blessing in disguise and I WILL get there,” but it’s not about Blessing, it’s about Learning.  Specifically, Learning to Trust.  Learning to Trust that our Personal Sovereignty is more than adequate to deal with our Fear of Abandonment.  Learning that we can Trust our Boundaries.

Now that Nessus is turning around, the Global Freakout – which is partly a Projection of accumulated Unhealed Abuse Memories – may subside temporarily.  Since OR10 also turns around soon, on 19 November, many Memories are likely to surface this week, providing the Opportunity for Healing.  Even now the Opportunity for Healing is immense, for anyone willing to bring their Projections home.

Asteroid Mnemosyne (Memories) is still hanging out with Uranus and Eris and Ceres, so the Memories which arise may be Memories of the Reality we Enjoyed before we were Traumatized, or Memories of what was taken away from us by the Trauma we suffered.  Don’t discount such Memories – they would be Blessings.

This isn’t like PS141, where we read the book and parrot back the propaganda.  This is Learning by Experience, Emotional Experience, and it’s Important.  Eventually we need to be Fully Present with All of our Emotions, and Fully Neutral with All of them.  Sound Contradictory?  This is what a Mystery School is about, Learning to Allow Paradox, Learning that Black and White doesn’t go far past the daily newspaper, that the Universe is far more complex.

A regular reader asks about the Yang Feminine, and how to tell her from Yangtegrity.  In Genia Haddon’s model it’s the difference between Giving Birth and Fucking.  Not Making Love, but Fucking as in “Fuck You!”  Giving Birth is a Celebration and Initiation and Embrace of Love and Union, as Making Love can be.  Fucking is a Celebration and Embrace of Power and Separation.  In simple terms, it’s Abusive.

“Ideally, we can retain these qualities of self-identity and individualization while discovering a broader sense of identity with all the rest of creation.  For example, Australian Aboriginal Peoples recognize individuality – they value each person’s artistic ability, hunting prowess, or musical talent – but this is accompanied by an understanding that the individual is also part of a larger community with a highly complex kinship system.

“In addition to a healthy balance between self-centeredness and community-centeredness, tribal members often have a broad definition of community that includes other animals, as well as trees, rivers, winds, and rocks.  Like other indigenous peoples, the Aboriginal Peoples view this larger community as a type of extended family.  Their perspective is based on the understanding that we are dependent on other forms of life for our survival, learning, and enjoyment.”

“As our ancestors moved to cities and towns, their social interaction placed less emphasis on cooperation and inclusiveness and more on personal needs and the needs of the immediate family unit.  Racial identity, religious identity, financial status, material wealth, and political influence were the preoccupations of early civilizations in Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome.  

“The natural world began to be viewed as a source of wealth, power, and status rather than the Mother and sustainer of humankind.   Beginning in ancient times, the great forests of Europe and the Middle East were systematically destroyed in order to build temples, forts, houses, and ships.  Enormous quantities of wood were used to fuel smelters for manufacturing items of bronze, copper, and other metals.  Competitiveness, greed, envy, and comparison emerged as characteristics that continue to be reflected in societies throughout the world today.” 

–Nathaniel Altman, The Deva Handbook, pp.80-81.

Our reader’s question was in the context of Marketing.  If the Root Impulse is Service and Collaboration, and compensation flows in accordance with Self-Love, then that sounds like Yang Feminine Energy.  If the Root Impulse is Competition and Compensation, and the Work flows in Service to that, then that sounds more like Yang Masculine Energy.

We live in a Yangtegrity World, so till we make the Leap, we may be forced to Compete, or become a Breatharian.  While evaluating our Motivations and Actions and PIAVAing to move toward Yintegrity, it’s Important not to Judge or criticize ourself.  We do the best we can, and we deserve our Respect for that.  We also can do better, and we aim to, and we deserve Respect for that as well.

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