Tuesday night’s news was Traumatic, but today’s news is a greater loss to the Planet…

I guess it depends on which USA.

“In my younger years I was the victim of all my many emotional insecurities.  Most people are!  The next stage is to gain a measure of emotional security, and this helps.  But the real answer, found by considerably fewer people, is when you learn that security and insecurity are no more than the positive and negative of the same illusion!  Once you let go of the false and deceitful security/insecurity concept, and find balance… you are on the path to emotional completeness.  Life becomes easier… it is as it is.

” ‘Now that is fascinating!‘  A girl in her late teens almost explodes the words… ‘Emotional balance, that is it.  Let go of security and insecurity, and find balance by simply accepting the way it is as it is in the moment.   YES!’ … ‘I knew I had to be here tonight.  When the feeling went out that we might get off-world visitors, I knew I had to be here.’ “

Michael Roads, Stepping… Between… Realities, p.218.

Which doesn’t make it any less sad.

2 Responses to “Sad”

  1. Debbie Says:

    thanks for letting us know about this. travelling out in the backsticks of rural China, I hadnt heard the news. Interesting timing of his passing, Cohen underscoring the Light amidst chaotic darkness. Like Bowie, even in his death giving to our world. RIP Leonard.

  2. alchemist0310 Says:

    I love that Cohen and I share the same favorite poet.. F. Garcia Lorca… who is someone i undoubtedly found on the bookshelf to mirror my abandoned genius! Love the full circle… i’ll take the salve and hopeful synchronicity of this as forward motion– coupled with the sky not having fallen, that there is much more to this story…

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