What Happened?

It was a different World when I woke up Wednesday morning.  I had to work to Recover many of the Ease-of-Living Techniques (such as PIAVAs) I was using Skillfully on Monday.  It felt like someone embedded me in plastic.  What happened?  What is it we’re supposed to be Learning here?

Let me say to start that several to many authors have written about the Earth “splitting in two.”  The one I’m most familiar with is Delores Cannon.  I didn’t really have a Clear picture of how she meant it would happen, but I certainly Trusted her enough to file it in my Cognitive Dissonance file, and haven’t paid a lot of Attention to it since.  Michael Roads’s Stepping… Between… Worlds, though, paints a pretty Clear picture of how it happens and is happening – highly recommended.

Thanks to Marilyn Raffele for including it on her reading list at http://www.onenessofall.com/books.html ; I didn’t know Michael was writing again.

And how important it is that we Take Full Responsibility to Intend exactly what sort of World we Want to Live in, as unwaveringly as we can without Repressing anything (which means Tapping and PIAVAing a lot), since this is how the Choice is made between Realities.

So, the astrology?  Several Configurations pop out.  

First, we Time Traveled.  Lots of folks are freaked out because they Traveled into the Future and saw Hitler.  Lots of folks Traveled into the Past and encountered Powerlessness.  How do we deal with that?  We have to Remember Who and Where we Are in the Present Moment.  Locating and Tapping Out any Bodily Discomfort or Disconnect from your Mission is a good start.  What were you doing Monday before you were so rudely interrupted?

The Moon crossed Neptune-South Node at around 6am PST on 9 November.  Including a few Degrees of Sensitivity, that’s plus or minus four to six hours.  Of course that Opposed Orcus-North Node, with asteroid Karma approaching.  This is 8-10 Degrees of Virgo-Pisces.  So we have…

Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity around our Held Emotions, Karmic Patterns, and Hidden Skills, and the Vows and Promises we made to Limit ourself from ever having to “go through that again,” including our Adventures in Europe in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  My Pomeranian ex-landlord used to say, “Hitler wasn’t so bad” – by comparison to the Weimar Hyperinflation that preceded him. We just haven’t got to the Hyperinflation yet; it’s probably on its way.

Second, a different but Related Mystery School has formed, focused around – and giving us the Opportunity to Let Go of Impediments to – the interconnections between Unconscious Anti-Life Beliefs, our Abandoned Genius, Fear, our True Self, and our Personal Sovereignty.  A PIAVA or several is probably the way to work with that – starting by Asking for Clarity, since the interweavings are complex.

Four corners of a Grand Quintile – Neptune-South Node, Vesta-Varuna, Jupiter, and Ixion-Pholus-Jupiter.  Sedna fills the Vacancy; it’s four Degrees off, but that’s close enough for such an Experience.  Quintile Yods point at Neptune-South Node and Vesta-Varuna.

There’s also a big Septangle – two planets Triseptile apart. with a third planet (the Focus) at the far Midpoint between them.  The Focus is, again, Vesta-Varuna, with the base corners occupied by Sun-Lilith and Uranus-Eris-Mnemosyne.

Third, at 6pm PST on Electile Dysfunction Day, the Moon Lit Up the Irruption of Abuse Material Adventure we’ve been dealing with.  This created a complex Configuration that provides a fabulous Opportunity for stepping out of Archetypes that have imprisoned us.  Try this: “I Wonder how I might Actively but Lovingly and Gently Let Go of any Anti-Life Beliefs I have adopted around Abuse.”

Interwoven Fingers of God point at both Moon-OR10-Nessus and Vesta-Varuna with Hopi-Makemake sharing the foot of the former, and Hylonome sharing the foot of the latter.  Mars Opposed Varuna, making the Vesta-Varuna Yod into a Mars Yod Kite.

And a Major Tricolor: Nemesis-Juno Square Moon-OR10-Nessus Quincunx Vesta-Varuna Trine Nemesis-Juno.  This is 0-4 Degrees.

Fourth, this is not Unscheduled.  It’s about Letting Go of the Archetypes created by past Trauma.  Fighting it in the outside World in the Present Moment will only cement the Karma in place more tightly.  Creating the third and fourth political parties that will supplant the Democans and Republicrats is a very positive step, but the Trump Drama needs to play itself out before those reforms can fully Manifest.  

Building foundations is what’s appropriate now.  Conservatives have been organizing like crazy for decades now, and their double-speak is well honed.  Progressives need to get busy before it’s too late.

Late on 8 November, in 3-6 Degrees, Aletheia (Truth) Opposing Nemesis forms a Grand Cross (Very Busy Putting Out Grassfires) with asteroid Karma Opposing Moon-OR10-Nessus, while Makemake (Manifestation) and Moira (Fate) form a Grand Trine (Grace) with Aletheia.  Hylonome-Chariklo (Letting Go of Obsolete Privilege) Trine-Bridge the Moon-Karma Opposition.

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