Chaos 5

Continuing our Timetable…


11 November

Major shift in our Ability and Willingness to Love Ourself Fully, which should very much complement our Abandoned Genius Retrieval.

At another corner of the Golden Rectangle, Haumea Initiates Sappho, 2am PST, 24 Libra, “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side.”

We’re also likely to have Insights about which Unconscious Beliefs we need to Let Go of, and how we got them.  Be Loving and Gentle with yourself, and be Persistent with Forgiveness.

The Sun at 21 Scorpio is at the focus of the Configuration where two Trideciles connect to each end of a Biquintile – Big Learning with much Payoff, with Vesta and Neptune-South Node at the ends of the Biquintile.


12 November

Busy day, as the Moon Challenges our Yintegrity.  More Memories may arise, of situations where we Repressed ourself, Choosing to Obey our Programmers or Avoid Risk, rather than continue to Express our True Self.  Being discouraged from Expressing our True Self is of course a form of Abuse, and a form of Abuse that is likely to have been Chronic rather than Acute.  Chronic Abuse often bypasses our self-righteous Anger, so is harder to identify and Recover from.

For instance, post-Shonda television often features long Shakespearean diatribes by Angry Females.  Those are great role models, but unrealistic, because Angry diatribes only work when your counterpart is Shamed so thoroughly that they can’t Defend themselves.  Shouting matches are what are more likely in my Experience.  The Angry diatribes are basically Shaming, a very nasty form of Abuse.

The other side of the Abuse coin is Privilege, and as am intermediate stage it’s good that these diatribes put a Female in the role of Privilege, but in the long run it doesn’t contribute to forming the new Gender-Balance Paradigm, where Equality, Collaboration, and Balance between the Collective and the Individual are the norms.  It’s the Patriarchy-Repressed Female blowing off steam.  As they used to say in the 1960s, the prototype for Yintegrity, “If it Feels good, do it.”

That’s a good model for Recovering our AG as well – whenever any part of our Truth is Repressed, when we Recover it, it will be developed only to the age it was when it was Repressed.  So we need to Lovingly Tolerate its lack of Maturity while we give it the Opportunity to Grow.  Our Embarrassment (“Big Girls Don’t Cry”) was part of the Repression.  We’ll be pleasantly Surprised by how quickly it Matures.

5am PST: Moon crosses Uranus, 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires,” and Mnemosyne at 23 Aries, Unashamed Fecundity.  7am PST: Moon crosses Eris, 23 Aries.  8am PST: Moon crosses Ceres, 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a Cornucopia.”  These are actually Initiations, opening new month-long Lunar Cycles.


14 November

Another Big Day, in fact a Huge one, with the Nessus Station and the Full Moon occurring in the same hour.  We’ll look at the Full Moon chart separately, but the simultaneity can be every bit as meaningful as the astrological Angles.  We’re likely to see egregious examples of public Abuse and Privilege, which are likely to again trigger our own Experiences, Remembered or not.

If we’re Open to it, this could be another Opportunity for us to further our own AG Recovery.  As Julie Henderson points out, Sensuality, Sexuality, and all the Life Force are the same Energy, and Adult intolerance for its Expression (or inability to Control their own inappropriate Response to it) is one of the most common sources of Repression in Western Culture.  Be Loving and Gentle with whatever comes up for you that you’re able to convert to Introspection.  

Nessus Stationary Direct, 6am PST, 3 Pisces, Extinction.  Full Moon, also 6am, 23 Taurus, A stash of Jewels, a fitting metaphor for our AG.  Also at 6am, Hylonome Initiates Venus, 3 Capricorn, A Soul, eager for Experience, seeks Embodiment.

We should be Blessed here with an Urge to Clear away Archetypes that no longer Serve us.


16 November

A Portal into apparent Darkness, with a promise of Benefit from Exploration, probably linking to the impending OR10 Station.  Tie a rope around one of the pillars of the Portal, so you can relax about being able to pull yourself back out without getting lost, as the next several days are likely to be Heavy.

Remember the “What color is the wallpaper” trick – when you start to Feel like you’re stuck outside of the Present Moment (or outside of Joy or Love), look at the walls, or any other man-made object that might create a disconnect between what was Then and what is Now.

Chariklo Initiates Venus, 5pm, 6 Capricorn, “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.


19 November

This may be the apex of this Big Opportunity to Retrieve Memories of Oaths that fostered Limiting Beliefs, and Experiences that led to Abandonment our Unique Genius.  By now though we’re out of the Venus-Ixion Zone and into the Karma-Orcus-Neptune-Nodes Zone, which needs its own post and Timetable, and which actually started a few days ago.

OR10 Stationary Direct, 5pm, 3 Pisces.  

Neptune Stationary Direct, 9pm, 10 Pisces, et al.  We’ll deal with the others in the separate post.

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