Chaos 3

Michael Roads, as he points out in his Juicy Living interview and recent books, has this wonderful parable about Red and Black and White, which he has developed by repeatedly viewing different parts of the Universe with Metaphysical eyes.  In this metaphor, many flavors of Red represents Chaos, the “Driving Energy,” the Urge toward Change, the Life Force, and what we often refer to as Challenge.  Very similar to the Energies represented by the Red lines in the astrocharts we used to be able to illustrate here.

The many flavors of Black he sees symbolize Order and Structure.  Black and Red are everywhere in a constant dance, with torsion between them.  When they are in perfect Balance, the result is flashes of White.  When the White Energy predominates, he refers to it as Maximum Potential.

Now, we, in astrobuss, are in the habit of referring to the symbolization that follows the dwarf planet Chaos around as Unlimited Potential.  The dwarf planet was named for what Greek Mythology claimed came prior to the rise of Zeus and the Gang – “Chaos,” a Greek word meaning Void.  Hence we equate that to the Zero Point Field (ZPF), or the never-actually-empty “Vacuum” of Space.

“Modern” Science, focusing as it does on Matter (even in Physics), has to fudge the Vacuum because their metaphors don’t quite work.  They define Temperature as the rate of speed of moving particles, so they have to somehow explain how the Vacuum can have a temperature, which it does.  So they postulate that the Vacuum is filled with Potential, in the form of Quantum particles continually Manifesting out of “Nothing” and returning to same.

Remember, it’s always Both/And – the Universe is far large than intellect, so intellectual metaphors can never fully capture what they intend to symbolize.  The more metaphors or Perspectives we can collect, the greater our Opportunity to understand more about our Home Universe.  Hence Both/And, and the importance of the Cognitive Dissonance that Carlos Castaneda taught us.

Now, there’s nothing amiss about Manifesting out of Nothing – we do it all the time.  Our own Matter-conditioned Worldview has a hard time recognizing it as that, but that’s what it is.  Now, if we shift our Focus to Energy rather than Matter, or better yet Consciousness or Information, and take advantage of the work of folks like James Oschman, we see the Vacuum of Space as the medium that carries All Possible Information.

As we’ve mentioned before, Dr. Oschman sees the Mitochondria (which, recall, are completely “Female”) in each of our Cells as intimately connected to the ZPF – to All Information in the Universe, except when blocked by Toxic Substances or Held Emotions.

In other words, once we Clear our Cells of Toxic Substances and Held Emotions (which are in some sense surrogates for one another), our Intuitions and Instincts serve us in Perfect Order.  We can turn that around as well; Learning to Trust our Intuition and Instincts will eventually Create the conditions for Clearing our Cells.  Hence the Importance of Yintegrity – Trusting our Intuitions and Instincts.

Of course, knowing the Gender-Balance purpose of Greek Mythology, we know that “Chaos” also must stand for the Matriarchy, as that’s what came before Zeus and the Gang.  No accident that our Mitochondria are completely “Female.”

So, with that background, we want to rectify 

  • Michael’s “Maximum Potential” as the Balance between his “Chaos and Order” (which we’ll signify as m.Chaos)
  • and
  • “Unlimited Potential” as our symbolism for the dwarf planet Chaos (which we’ll signify as dp.Chaos)

Which is a very worthy subject for study and discourse, which we won’t take on here.  Traditional astrology’s symbol for Order and Structure is Saturn, but that’s within the context of the Material and Social Worlds.  Saturn symbolizes the Boundary between the Conscious and Unconscious Worlds, so it represents Order only from the Ego’s Perspective.  We could Project that onto Nature, but I don’t think that would serve us.

We could actually see Pluto as symbolizing Order, because Pluto represents our Zeitgeist, or the Limits of our conceptualization of the Possible, according to current Cultural conventions.  But I think an even better View would be to cast Pluto in the role of arbiter of m.Chaos and Order/Structure.  Then we would find another dwarf planet beyond Pluto (ie, deeper in the Unconscious) to represent Order/Structure.

Perhaps Makemake, which symbolizes the Edge between Energy and Matter, would serve that role.  And of course Orcus, as Master of Limitation (via Oath-making, which is Limiting) could serve that role, but that’s probably too narrow.  And Quaoar, as the arbiter of physical Survival, could also fill the shoes.  

Interesting speculations, food for Curiosity.

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