Chaos 2

The biggest Illumination of our Rebirthing Unique Genius is the passage of Venus across the Galactic Center, along with the Centaurs and dwarf planets that are lounging there.  That spans 5-17 November, beginning five new one-year Venus Cycles, with likely Significant Changes to our Values – hopefully so they no longer feel the need to dispatch their first-born to scar the competition.

Meanwhile, dwarf planet Nessus is Stationary, turning Direct on 14 November, synchronous with the Full Moon.  That will Light Up our Memories of Abuse and Privilege again, and Change our Relationship with them.  Nessus has been within one Degree of its Station since mid-September, so its not a new Energy for us, and it’s been Lit Up several times recently.  The Synchrony with the Full Moon will extend the Strength of its Energy for several weeks.

And the Moon is very busy between 9 and 12 November, crossing (1)Nessus, (2) Neptune-South Node, (3) Chiron, and (4) Uranus-Eris in turn.  That will trigger, respectively,

  • (1) our Relationships with Abuse and Privilege; see the post below on Power-Under
  • (2) our Work on Desire, Mission, Pattern-Breaking, Held Emotions, and Hidden Skills; see for instance the Psyche post below
  • (3) Our Despair, with Opportunities for Miracles; see the posts on Portal 18.10
  • (4)  Our Work on our Yintegrity, which of course is part and parcel of our Genius Recovery; see Rebirth of Genius

Meanwhile, on 11 November, Haumea Initiates Sappho, starting a new Cycle around the Rebirth of our Self-Love, which again is an integral part of the Recovery of our Abandoned Genius.  Make sure you jettison all Expectations about this; it’s not about the Heroes and Heroines you’ve always Dreamed of emulating.  Those are just Mirrors of your Deep Desire for Recognition.  

It’s entirely possible that your Abandoned Genius doesn’t have a zillion-dollar Skill.  He or she may just combine everyday Skills into a mix that no one has ever done before, just enough to get your fifteen minutes of Fame.  But it’s not about Fame, it’s about the incredible Feeling of Satisfaction and Confidence and Belonging that one gets when they’re On Their Path – even when no one notices.

We’ll add a Timetable soon.

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