Anti-Life Beliefs 3

Let’s go over all that in English…

(1) In the second half of last week, we rather abruptly shifted Energies, moving from a Feminine Mystery School around finding the ways we Self-Sabotage, to a much Deeper Clearing of Ancestral Beliefs that are Anti-Life.  While the earlier Energies were peppered with Insight, we may not even Consciously Notice the new Changes – though they are so Deep that we may Experience them as a Healing Crisis (ie, Feeling “sick”), or find old Habits suddenly gone.

(2) This weekend we have a New Moon that reinforces the New Deep Cell-Cleansing Energies, and starts to link them back to the Rise in Feminine Power and beginnings of cracks in Patriarchal Dominance, that we talked about prior to the Yin Gate Mystery School, in the earlier Power-Under post.

(3) This Deep-Cleansing Energy erupts into a major Purge of Archetypal Subservience to Power-Over, particularly during the second and third weeks of November.

(1) With embellishments, Varuna (the Life Force) Initiated Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) featuring “irruption of bio-psychic energies into Consciousness.

(2) Varuna and Atropos (Endings) are both Stationary at the Scorpio New Moon, while a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Vesta-Varuna from Hylonome (Grief over Loss of Attachment to an Archetype) and Nessus-OR10 (Irruption of old Abuse Memories into Consciousness) begins to form.

(3) The Finger of God forms while Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents) are both Stationary (Strong), only a quarter of a Degree apart, in Pisces (Emotional Clearing).

In the preceding posts we said the Nessus and OR10 were Initiating Nemesis (Ego Death), but that was an error.  In fact, Nemesis makes Waning Squares to both of them, which carries similar meaning, and actually implies more Change, as Olde Patterns disintegrate.

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