Portal 18.10 Part 2

By the way, while Nemesis crosses Juno at 11am PDT 18 October (today), the Moon Opposed them both and crossed Sedna from 9pm to 1am PDT 17-18 October; the Moon often Triggers the consequences of astroevents, so the Yin Gate may have had a more obvious climax then.

There are also several Strong ancillary astroevents occurring.  

  • Pallas (Boundaries) is Stationary (Strong), having turned Direct at 2pm PST 17 October.  That’s an interesting correlate to the Power-Under issues arising.
  • Pluto Initiates Mars at 4am PDT 19 October, in 16 Capricorn, a Degree that implies Regimentation.  Given everything else that’s going on, we can interpret that as increasing Consciousness of the Regimentation that Capitalistic and Nationalistic (which serves Capitalism) Propaganda foist upon us.  Shopping is your Civic Duty, right?
  • Quaoar (Survival Wisdom), asteroid Karma (Inertia), and Ceres (Sustainability), the latter traveling with Mnemosyne (Memories) make a Fire (Spirit) Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace).  Given all the Challenges that our Olde Ego is enduring here as New Energies crowd their way into Consciousness, this is a very useful adjunct.
  • Saturn (The Most Important Thing) is no longer Squaring Orcus (Oathbreaking), Neptune (Culture and Religion), and the Nodes (Evolution), moving out of three-Degree Sensitivity just after 5pm PDT 18 October.  However, the Nodal Opposition will continue to be Lit Up until around 3am PDT 19 October, as the Moon T-Squares this axis at around 9pm PDT 18 October.

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