Truthspeaking Full Moon

The 15 October Full Moon starts around 6pm PDT, and shouts from the rooftops that we are all being Reborn as Truthspeakers.  Of course to pull that off without killing each other (though that would ease some population pressure and possibly slow Global Warming), we’ll have to recognize that Truth Resides in the Heart, not in the mind, and that the Truth of the Heart is different for each person.  That’s a Challenge.

As you can tell from the News, Abuse and Privilege is a prime topic in current affairs.  You may not have noticed, but Competition and Hierarchy are two of the defining principles of the Patriarchy.  Competition leads us to “My Truth is Truthier than your Truth!” and Hierarchy is tautologically equivalent to Inequality.  Privilege follows inexorably from Inequality, and Abuse is a pretty common, maybe even necessary, correlate of Privilege.

In other words, being Reborn as Truthspeakers is fundamentally incompatible with the Patriarchy.  That’s not a Universal Truth (that would be an Either/Or), but it will probably be a pretty robust Truth in many Hearts.  And it will bring up for most of us Memories of Abuse, often Painful.  The Astrology reminds us that it’s about Embracing our Pain and the Despair of our perceived Powerlessness.  About tilling the manured soil beneath those Memories of Abuse to find the Seeds of our Unique Genius, and stepping into the Limitless World that grows on that beanstalk.

Here’s the Story in annotated astrologuese…

The 15 October Full Moon (9:30pm PDT) sits just nine arcminutes (one seventh of one Degree) past dwarf planet Eris, our compulsive Truthspeaker planet, which is of course only half a Degree past Uranus, our harbinger of Yintegrity.  Meanwhile, the Sun is only one tenth of a Degree past dwarf planet Haumea, symbol of Rebirth.  Quite an Initiation for us.  In fact, we should consider the Full Moon to start around 7pm PDT, when the Sun crosses Haumea.

Most of the Action from Portal 13.10 is still going on, and next week’s Juno-Nemesis Yin Gate (Feminine Mystery School Initiation) is beginning to set up –  more about that soon.  The Moon-Uranus-Eris Stellium is also the focus of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) from Juno-Nemesis (Exposing our Self-Sabotage) and Hopi (Respect for All Things), which is the Owning-our-Projections kingpin of our Chiron-Hopi Grand Cross with Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) and dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential).

In other words we continue to endure, whether we recognize it or not, the Pain of Re-Experiencing the Traumas of our Past that have led to our Self-Censorship.  Asteroid Mnemosyne is only three Degrees from the Full Moon, so we still have plenty of Opportunities to invite or PIAVA the Memories to resurface, if we want to process them that way.  We don’t have to, we can just PIAVA a Letting-Go directly if we want.  Allowing the Memories to resurface will give us more Empathy with folks whose Trauma resembled ours, which will form a firm Foundation for Community, but it’s optional.

The Finger of God pointing at Nessus-OR10 (Resurfacing of Memories of Abuse and Privilege) from Varuna (Life Force) and Makemake (Manifestation) is still extant, so No Blame if you’d just rather not go there, though many are, and the Reaction to these Memories is forming a Foundation for the end of the Patriarchy. That still doesn’t mean you have to go there, however, there are plenty of ancillary Opportunities.

One Response to “Truthspeaking Full Moon”

  1. Lillian McCracken Says:

    Ah, Eris, €œthe compulsive Truth Speaker,€ conjunct my mid heaven. I really just can’€™t help but be €œblatant -€ Somewhere I heard Eris referred to as the “€œGoddess of a Vaster Reality.”€ Thank goddess for the Hunk & the Path.

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