Portal 13.10 Part VI

As is our wont, we’ve used three Degrees of Sensitivity in Portal 13.10 Parts I through V.  When astrologers look at the impact on the Current Now, three Degrees – or one Degree, if you want to be more precise – is the Sensitivity usually chosen.  However, if you want to look at the astrology for a Project you’re beginning now, six to eight Degrees is more appropriate.  Since Regime Change is a prominent theme for our Identity these days, we could easily see our new Identities as Projects.  So it would be good to have a look at this Portal using a bit larger Sensitivity.

The dozen-plus planets involved in the Chiron T-Square, the Hopi Grand Cross, and the accompanying Graces (Portal 13.10 Parts I-IV) occupy 22-25 Degrees of their respective Signs.  The five planets in the Quaoar Brilliant (Part V) span 26-28 Degrees.  The result is a chart with Strong emphasis on these Qualities…

  • (1) Pattern-Breaking: the Hanged Man in Tarot (the Twelfth Harmonic) is hanging by his heels – that is, Seeing the World differently, or Breaking old Habits and Identities
  • (2) The Truth that our Potential is Unlimited
  • (3) Our Rebirth into Greater Authenticity, accompanied by Labor Pains in the form of Opening to Memories of the Traumas that originally Imprisoned us
  • (4) The Importance of Remembering to have Compassion for our Despair and the Deep Desires that we have till now considered to be unachievable
  • (5) The Most Important Thing is Aligning our Unconscious Beliefs with the Truth of Who We Really Are without our Masks
  • (6) We need to Remember that the Hidden Skills that we need to accomplish our Lifetime Mission hide behind the Emotions we Resist, Deny, or Project onto Others, hence the Critical Lifetime Importance of Embracing these Emotions
  • (7) We need to take an Active Role in Identifying any and all formerly-Unconscious Beliefs that have their roots in Fear, and Clearing both the Fear and the Limiting Beliefs
  • (8) We gain critical Leverage by Intuiting what to Keep and what to Discard; there are Jewels here, but there is also dead weight that we can’t afford to carry forward – Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl

There will be more Transformations ahead, but for now, we can take these eight “Survival Rules” and use them as we navigate forks in the road in front of us.  I probably use these posts for Guidance more than you do.  I’ll print these out, test them as a map, and see if they’re indeed useful. 

(1) Planets occupy ten of twelve Signs in these Degrees, giving us two Signs shy of a Twelfth-Harmonic Grand Unx.

(2) Asteroid Veritas (Truth) is exactly Conjunct dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential) on 13 October, and Stationary, turning Retrograde on 17 October only seven arcminutes from Chaos, and Conjoining again on 27 October

(3) Haumea’s (Rebirth) Opposition to Eris (Revelation of Denial) is complete on 13 October, with the Sun Conjunct Haumea (exact on 15 October); Eris is Conjunct Uranus (our Individual Soul), Mnemosyne (Memories), and Ceres (Sustainability)

(4) The Moon (Authenticity) Crosses Chiron (Despair and Miracles) at 6:30pm PDT on 13 October

(5) Saturn (The Most Important Thing) is the focus of a Mjolnir (Epiphany) across the Square from  Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) to a Uranus-Eris-Mnemosyne-Ceres Stellium (Making our Yintegrity Permanent)

(6) Neptune-South Node (Surrendering to our Held Emotions) is the focus of a Mjolnir across the Square between Vesta and Sun-Haumea

(7) Mars (Action) is the focus of a Mjolnir across the Square from Sedna (Fear) to Karma (Archetypes)

(8) The two Vacancies in the Grand Unx are 25 Capricorn (Oriental Rugs) and 25 Aquarius (A Butterfly with a stunted Left wing).  The Vacancies in these Signs show that our Community and our Culture is in flux

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