Portal 13.10 Part V

Then there’s the Brilliant.  A “Brilliant” is a Configuration of planets that looks like a cut Diamond as seen from the side.  There’s a picture of one at https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/grace-and-discouragement-pictures/ .  Today’s Brilliant is a little simpler than the one in the picture; it lacks the central red line.  Basically Beneficent, the Brilliant puts an enormous emphasis on the planet sitting at its tip (or, were it a cut stone, its bottom).

In the picture, the green arrowhead is called a “Yod” or “Finger of God,” and basically says “Pay Attention!!” to the planet at the point of the arrowhead.  The big blue triangle (a Grand Trine, symbolizing Grace) has three equal sides, so doesn’t normally point anywhere.  The green arrowhead gives the Grand Trine an obvious directionality as well.

In the current Brilliant, the planet shouting, waving its moons, and break-dancing in its orbit is dwarf planet Quaoar.  Quaoar originally hails from the LA area of California.  When the Spanish arrived, they thought the Natives were “hunters & gatherers” because they didn’t see tidy rows of borraga and berengena anywhere.  If they had had a longer-term Perspective, and Respect for All Beings, they would have seen that these Natives had a finely tuned and very sophisticated Relationship with their Landscape – you could call it Permaculture, and the only error you’d be making is that the word hadn’t been invented yet.

The California Natives knew when to head to the hills to harvest Acorns, when to burn reeds to create the best basket-weaving fibers the following year, how to replant as they harvested, when to move to the Rivers for fishing, how to avoid the top predator of the “California Serengeti” – Griz, and how to dress and preserve game.  How did they know this?  They Channeled Quaoar, and Quaoar told them what to do, how to do it, where to go to do it, and when to do it.

Quaoar was the Survival God.  With Quaoar so Strongly Lit Up, it would be an excellent time to Pay Attention to what is necessary for our Survival.  And immediately behind Quaoar, dancing in unison, is the Galactic Center.  So it’s not just our Personal Survival that’s at stake here, the role of our Home Planet in the Galactic Order is at risk as well.

What other planets, which can provide details about Quaoar’s message, are involved?  Well, there’s Fear, Belief, Archetypes, and Memories.  Those are our four Opportunities here, and Opportunities they are, whether Painful or not.  As we said, the Brilliant is fundamentally beneficent, but as we’ve seen many times these days in the midst of this deluge of Rapid Change, “beneficent” often means Ego Death.  If there is Pain here, it’s highly likely to be Resistance to Change.  

Dr. Kim gives us a suggestion for dealing with Pain…


that’s not a lot different than I would offer.

The base of the Yod is the Sextile between dwarf planet Sedna (Actions taken out of Fear) and asteroid Vesta (Limiting Unconscious Beliefs).  The other two corners of the Grand Trine (Grace) are the asteroids Mnemosyne (Memory) and Karma (Inertial Patterns).

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