Another Milestone for the Yang Feminine

The Patriarchy is Falling… 

Be mindful that this may bring up Memories for you, as we suggested in Portal 13.10 Part IV.  It’s a good time to Share those Emotions with Safe people, people who understand completely because they’ve been through it.  A good way to start a new Community – “We gain critical Leverage by Intuiting what to Keep and what to Discard; there are Jewels here, but there is also dead weight that we can’t afford to carry forward – Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.”  This is Herstoric.

There is a Finger of God pointing to the Nessus-OR10 Conjunction (Irruption of Memories of Abuse and Privilege) from the Sextile between Varuna (the Life Force) and Makemake (Manifestation). 

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