Portal 13.10 Part I

Let’s put this one together piece by piece.  This Configuration will be in the foreground for the next ten days, along with the Nemesis-Juno Yin Gate and the Full Moon.  Let’s start with the most enduring part of it, the Chiron T-Square.

Chiron was the “Unhealable Healer” – a Healer, he was wounded by another Centaur, so his wound was theoretically Unhealable.  So Chiron represents Despair.  The worst sort of Despair is what we call “Unconscious Despair,” when we don’t even consider the Possibility that our Needs or Wants may ever be met – our Worldview just doesn’t include Space for that to happen.

For instance, suppose you’re a student of World History, politics, economics, or huper psychology.  Based on what you’ve learned, what odds would you give to the achievement of World Peace lasting for, say, a millennium?  Pax Romana lasted a couple of centuries, but if you lived in Judea or Parthis or southern Britain, you’d feel like you were in a different World.  And World Herstory would have had its own tale to tell, were the Patriarchy willing to allow it to be heard.

It was a while ago, so I don’t know if you remember the book Focusing, by Eugene Gendlin, but it pioneered some very important concepts that are still enormously relevant.  In the PhD thesis which preceded it, Gendlin studied all manner of psychological techniques, and found that technique was pretty much irrelevant.  When the practitioner practiced Empathy, there was Healing.  When they didn’t, there wasn’t.  So we know that what’s Unhealable from any other Perspective, can probably be Healed with Empathy.

That’s the foundation of our “You poor Sweetheart…” technique for expressing Self-Empathy.  We carry that a step further by recalling Einstein’s remark that you cannot solve a problem using the same thinking that postulated the problem – you need a Change of Perspective.  The History and Herstory of Science and Art are full of Epiphanies of this sort, where a bolt of irrational Intuition follows an intense period of Analysis.

The Healing element of “You poor Sweetheart…” derives mostly from a shift in Identity.  By referring to yourself as You, you step outside yourself, providing a very different Perspective on whatever afflicts you.  You shift from “I Am miserable” to “You Feel miserable, don’t you.”  You are no longer equated to Misery, you’re now equated to Compassion.  If you now succeed in Changing the Subject and keep the mind from analing you, what was impossible under “I Am” may become totally possible under “You Feel.”

Once we shift Perspective, we can Allow what would have been Miracles under our previous Limitations.  Which is why we refer to Chiron as Despair and Miracles.

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