Muffins 3

The Muffin is an asymmetrical Pentagram, so if you want to play it Safe relative to post-Inquisition protocol, do your Manifesting within several hours on either side of 11pm PDT – whatever your local time equivalent to that is.  That’s when the Pentagram is pointing Up, for the next week or two anyway.

If you’ve read Rumi, or studied Scienterrific Method as defined rather than as practiced, or have access to any other body of Esoteric Teachings, you know that Good and Evil are in the eye of the beholder, not in the object being beheld.  Like all the other Either/Or Dualities, it’s Political, not Spiritual.  Some Pope or other Functionary decided what to call Good and what to call Bad, mostly on the basis of whether or not it Supported his (it was a he) claim to Power.

The Greeks did the same thing to the Matriarchy – Medusa was a Powerful symbol of Respect for Nature before the Greeks make Her Evil, so they could establish the Patriarchy’s Dominance over the Matriarchy.  To Freud the Subconscious was a dank, fetid cellar where we kept all of our Secret Shames.  To Jung the Unconscious (same cellar, different name) was the Home of everything we needed to bring ourselves back into Balance, plus the Primal Urge to do so.

So check with your own Guides and Sensitivities.  Do your Manifesting at the local equivalent of 11am PDT if you prefer to upset the Applecart and help Change the Dominant Paradigm.  You’ll probably be more in tune with the Goddess that way.  The Muffin points to its Right (Appearances, Things, Nouns, Adjectives) at 5-6pm PDT and to its Left (Relationships, Verbs, Adverbs, Wholes) at 5-6am PDT.

You may want to PIAVA different Wishes at different times of the day.  Remember not to do too many PIAVAs at once, or you won’t be able to keep track of what information you’re being Given when you Pay Attention.  Use a Journal to keep track of what you’ve PIAVed when.

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