Muffins 1

We might have named this Configuration already, but it looks too much like a Muffin to not rename it.  It’s basically a five-pointed Star in a box, and it’s primary implication is that our PIAVAs should work exceptionally well, as four of the lines in the Star symbolize Curiosity (Quincunxes) and the fifth Major Grace (Trine).

It’s an upside-down Square Fez with a fifth planet at the near Midpoint of the Trine.  You would create one by taking a Finger of God and putting two additional planets on either side of the point, each Sextile to the lead planet.  This makes the shoulders of the Muffin Square to the ends of the base of the Yod.

The Quincunxes, Trine, and three Sextiles would greatly ease the Challenge part of the Squares, accelerating the Mastery part.

We bring this up because this Muffin is the container for two new Initiations…

  • Hylonome Initiates Mars 9:30am PDT 29 September at 2 Capricorn
  • Chariklo Initiates Mars 5pm PDT 2 October at 4 Capricorn

These Initiate eighteen-month Cycles.

Hylonome-Mars will give us a choice – waste a lot of Energy wrestling with an Archetype, which btw are gargantuan, or use the Energy to break free from the Archetype.  Capricorn 2 is about the often-violent contest between Ritual and Intuition, between Tradition and Creativity.  Lots of Leverage here for enhancing Freedom.

Similarly, the Chariklo-Mars Cycle is about how much Energy we use Pleasing Other (other people, our Programming, our Ideals), and how much Energy we use Pleasing Ourself (our Values, our Heart, our Yintegrity).  Capricorn 4 is about gathering and inventorying our Tools in preparation for a significant Emotional Adventure.

A few folks are naturally Charismatic; for them this Cycle would be about How they invest their Charisma, How they put it to work, for what Purpose, and their Commitment to it.

In this particular Mars-Chariklo Cycle, we’re dealing with our Attachment to the Archetype of Pleasing.  As with the Mars-Hylonome Cycle, we will Choose – Consciously or Unconsciously – to Use our Energy to wrestle with the Archetype, or to Liberate ourself from it.

We’ll look at how the rest of the Muffin will steer these Energies in Muffins 2.  I think we can place our bets on Liberation.

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