Magic Storm 2

Continuing from Magic Storm 1…

(3) Things are in flux here.  Boundaries are due for revision, as we discover that as our Unconscious Beliefs and our Values are Changing – more than we Realize, the Rhetoric we’ve been sharing with what we thought were Tribemates has relied too much on Assumption and not enough on Communication.  

We could just as well discover that someone we haven’t been Sharing much with actually may be a Tribemate, worthy of testing to see if greater Intimacy is Safe.  These Changes are not in general a hassle; it’s just Time for Change – we Adjust our Boundaries with folks constantly.

In fact, it’s an Opportunity.  If we let our degree of Intimacy (Social Intimacy, not Sexual Intimacy, though that may be in flux as well) ebb and flow, without Burning any Bridges, we’ll be moving toward the All-One-Tribe-But-With-Different-Rituals model that we need eventually to Embrace in order to have some degree of Social Harmony on the Planet.  All these Changes are more likely to be Discoveries (if you Notice) than Decisions.

(4) Hanging out as we are all week in the Insight Forest, we probably will Notice.  In addition to the four Big Epiphanies we talked about in the Insight Forest series, a fifth one arises in the second half of the week, having mostly to do with our Values.  

While in the Past we’ve endeavored to keep ourself Safe by skirting the Edges of Pits of Despair, and avoiding the places that would require Wings, we may discover that our Values have Shifted.  We might find ourself PIAVAing Wings, and Dancing cautiously – or Bravely – into the Edges of Despair to see what Treasures may be Hidden there.  We could even find ourself on the trail of our Abandoned Genius.

(3) Separately, Vesta, Pallas, and Venus form a Septangle – a Triseptile between Vesta and Pallas, both pointing Biseptiles toward Venus.

(4) Venus moves into position to become the focus of a fifth Mjolnir, based on the Square from Chiron to Veritas-Chaos.  The Chiron-Veritas/Chaos Square, along with Ixion-Pholus, is part of the Chiron T-Square.

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