Insight Forest V

Well, isn’t this intriguing.  A “Nova,” which could become a Supernova, has appeared over the last few days at – if my conversion from Right Ascension to Tropical Zodiac is correct – 23 Scorpio, “A rabbit metamorphoses into a nature spirit.”  Wouldn’t that blow open more of the Limiting Beliefs that have (quite unsuccessfully!) Banished Mother Nature to the Darkness.

It’s RA 15:29; see .  

It’s at the focus of a Finger of God based on the Sextile between Veritas-Chaos and Uranus-Eris, Lighting up Marianne Williamson’s Greatest Fear postulate superbly.  That would be quite remarkable if it became a daylight-visible Supernova.  It also Trine-Bridges the Nodal Opposition, and creates a Grand Trine with Vesta and Chiron, adding a strong twist of Grace to the whole Pluto-Station/Septile Storm/New Moon Affair.

However, I don’t think my conversion from RA to Tropical is correct.  Based on the RA and Tropical Degree of Arcturus, the Nova would Conjoin Lilith and Juno.  If it becomes a Supernova, we’d have to consider it the Harbinger of the Era of the Yang Feminine, which would be even more remarkable.

And another off-planet Validation from the Arcturians… 

Arcturus is behind, or Conjunct, Haumea.

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