Insight Forest III

Again, we’ll continue where Insight Forest II left off…

(5) In the process of all these Changes, we’ll be getting Clearer about Who We Are, now that we’ve loosened our Masks and are more Conscious of our Authenticity, and more Conscious about when and why we get diverted from it.  In particular, we’re likely to be Discovering the Promises we made to ourself, and to others, which still Limit us even though they’re long since obsolete.  There is no downside to disavowing these Oaths, other than temporarily staggering under a blow to our Identity.

(6) One of the things that are likely to become Clear here, is the fuzzy, sticky Relationship between Who We Believe Ourself to Be and our Culture.  We’ve been Believing that it’s our Culture that has been Limiting us; now we’re Discovering that it’s as much or more Us that’s Limiting us, and that our Culture is a panorama to which we directly contribute snapshots.  When We Change, other people Change, and the World around us Changes.  The World is not an Objective Entity outside of ourself; we are a cell in its Body, and our Weltanschauung and its Weltanschauung are intimately connected and in some ways tautologically – though of course Mirrors are involved.

(7) Rebirth is nether Easy nor Simple.  As we become younger and revert to near zero in age, we will Lose track of a lot of Skills.  PIAVA becomes our primary mode of Survival, as PDSA is generally not available to Infants.  Panic and Despair will be great temptations, till we Realize that our species have been in the same situation for at least millions of years.  Sure, a few things have Changed, but the basic premise – Survival – has not.  Breathe, seek Food when hungry, seek a Safe place to Rest when sleepy.  It comes down to Richard Brautigan’s Karma Repair Kit – .

(8) The ultimate Esoteric Purpose behind this Adventure is to bring us to our Abandoned Genius, the “Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented, and Fabulous Light within us that Most Frightens Us.”  

(7) The Chiron-Veritas/Chaos Square’s Tricolor is Veritas-Chaos Square Chiron Quincunx Haumea Trine Veritas-Chaos; we need to PIAVA or Wonder about how our Rebirth will impact our ability to escape Despair into Miracle, it we are to evoke the fat Trine between Veritas-Chaos and Haumea and Expand our Rebirth into more of What We Really Want.

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