Libranox, Chaos Knocks, Plutonox

Since most of the Huge Reboot events are still unfolding, it’s a decent map for our next three and twelve months.  We can consider each Equinox and Solstice chart to be Strong for the following three months, and to remain in the background for the nine months after that.  

In terms of “planning your day” (22 September, that is), the Equinox occurs just after 7am PDT, but the Big Deal of the day will be around half-past noon PDT, when the Moon crosses a very Stationary dwarf planet Chaos – Unlimited Potential.  That should be entertaining.  If you’ve been Emotional lately, maybe noticing that with “Everything Changed” you’re Grieving what you no longer have even if you really wanted something better all along, your Emotionality may Expand around this time.  Remember to Tap.

Then, with that Makemake-Jupiter-Sappho Triple Initiation (“MJS”) just completed on the Cusp of Libra, for the next five days the Sun will be crossing all three of them, Lighting Up our Self-Love and Self-Rejection; Self-Love for Reinforcing it and Self-Rejection so you can bring it into Consciousness and Heal it.  Bringing it into Consciousness means you Shift from “Nobody Likes Me!” to “Oh, I’m Feeling Rejected.”

That’s a big Shift, from Believing the Stories to Being Aware of the Feelings.  Next step – to be Lovingly Aware of the Feelings.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Rejected, aren’t you.”  We all have Abandonment issues to one degree or another.  Whenever you Feel Rejected, it’s very useful to recognize “Oh, I’m Feeling My Abandonment,” rather than “I’m Feeling Abandoned,” which implies “I’m Feeling [that someone has] Abandoned [Me].”

If it’s my old friend My Abandonment, then we know it’s been there all along, it just got Lit Up.  As Jimmy Buffet would say, “But I know, it’s my own damn fault.”  We can deal with it as an Emotion, one of our very own.  If we’re Being Abandoned, then it’s Somebody Else who’s to Blame for Creating our Pain, and since we have no Control over anyone except ourself, we’re screwed.  All we can do is Sulk, Beg, Bully, Manipulate, Throw a Tantrum, or Outcompete their Victim and Hope for Pity.  Then we’d get to deal with Feeling Pitiful.  Self-Love’s a lot more Fun. Even Loving our Abandonment is more Fun!

Meanwhile, there’s a Bigger Story developing in the background that will soon drown everything else out – Pluto is Stationary, and turns Direct on 26 September at 8am PDT, just as the Sun finishes crossing the “MJS” gauntlet.  Great – we can contaminate our Blame and Self-Pity with Ego Death.  More Entertainment!  We can indulge “I’d rather Die than Be Abandoned again” or we can Shift to “I’d rather Die” – it’s more likely my Identity that’s Crossing Over, not “me” per se.  It’s still the same “Me,” just with a different clown suit.

Pluto will Transform or Trance(Re)form us if we let it, or make us wish we had.  Take a hint from that “Trance” word – we can Dis-Identify with Archetypes here if we’re willing.  Maybe the Archetype of Blame or Self-Pity, or even Abandonment – wouldn’t that be groovy.  Did I mention that Mercury turned Direct on 21 September?

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