Ongoing Mental Debate

Several folks have written to mention that their “ongoing mental debate” is blooming.  That’s called Anxiety.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re in Anxiety again, aren’t you.”  Then Change the Subject and move on to the next Emotion.  Not the next mental “helicopter trip,” but the next Emotion,  It’s all about Expanding our Self-Love so we Manifest more than just Indecision or Self-Judgment or Conditional Self-Love.  

Sure, we all have internal Conflicts, but why Manifest them into external Reality.  We actually want Both/And – the notion that we have to solve some mental debate is an element of Self-Sabotage, a remnant of past Abuse.  Next time you catch yourself stuck going around and around in the mind, just PIAVA Both/And, and Change the Subject.  It won’t “make sense,” but that’s only because we’re seeing through a glass darkly.

3 Responses to “Ongoing Mental Debate”

  1. goldenhive Says:

    I find great solace in my mind being able to acknowledge the growth I’ve done in the past month. Don’t you believe that the mind can be a helper and path to wisdom as it sheds light on our emotional growth? Sometimes it can’t resolve things but sometimes it can. Perhaps I’m not understanding you … Thanks. Love your insights.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    Hi golden,
    I generally diss the mind for a number of reasons mostly having to do with overemphasis in Western Culture and the Patriarchy, and also of course because I’m trying to talk myself into using Intuition more often instead (what is it they say – we always teach or preach what it is that we need to learn?).
    For people who get stuck in Emotion rather than in mentality, yes, mind can be a fabulous counterpoint. Mind, like Spirit or even Emotion, is a word with a lot of different shades of meaning.
    When you acknowledge someone from the mind only – “Good work,” it can sound pretty hollow. I’m guessing you’re acknowledging yourself with more than mind; I’m guessing it’s more like your Emotional self-acknowledgement eased discomfort in your mind. When the mind “resolves” Confusion, for instance, it *stops* our Growth.
    Like it or not, we’re stuck with both mind and Emotion, so it behooves us to honor both. If you personally don’t suffer under an excess of mind, then please ignore my rants about trying to overcome my own excessively pro-mind programming.
    The most important thing, I think, is to recognize that for most of us, the mind operates in Either/Or, while Reality operates in Both/And. So the “modern” scienterrific notion that the Universe is a subset of mind limits us to Duality and Either/Or, blinding us to 99% of the Universe. If *we* operate in Either/Or, it Limits us similarly. Of course, Limits are good, to a degree. We’re in a time of rapid Change, so at this point in the Planet’s olution (ev- and dev-), I think most of us most of the time are called to stretch more than to contract.
    Just some thoughts – anything resonate or jar?

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Forgot to mention that my mind naturally (or programmatically) can’t stop churning about anything that doesn’t feel good. I’ll be better off when I more often recognize, “Oh, you’re feeling Anxiety” and just Embrace that for what it is.
    An example of using mind “positively,” when I *really* can’t figure out what’s making me Anxious, I turn to astrology, and it always provides new ways of looking at things which turn the tide – it’s Chironean in that regard, turning Despair into Miracle.
    That’s great for increasing my “Cognitive Dissonance” (Ability to Hold Contradictory Viewpoints at the Same Time), but I might be better served to just self-Empathize with Anxiety, which may well lead me to the same place via Intuition. Both/And, of course! Mind has a reputation as a Trickster, and I think that’s appropriate.

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