Makemake Infestation

Interesting that Manifestation and Infestation are so similar – I was going to call this Makemakifestation, but it sounded too much like the latter.  Maybe because Manfesting Infestation is so easy since Infesters are so eager to help.  With thanks to Isaac George at , and recalling that we’re just a few hours past the Makemake-Jupiter Initiation (literally, Expansion of Manifestation), here’s a fabulous story on Manifestation…

An excellent example of the Pay Attention phase of PIAVAing.

Work on developing your natal and transiting Seventh-Harmonic Angles (Septiles, Biseptiles, Triseptiles) if you want to Learn how to exercise Perfect Timing.

My own story comes from a colleague.  It was a couple of days early, this happened somewhere in the space between 17 and 18 September.  They were in one of those half-trance, half-sleep states, and encountered this Vision-Dream-Hologram…

Headache.  Pain worse than childbirth (she would know).  “Paul the Alien” (tall, neon green fellow, not unfamiliar to her; I’ve met this fellow, or a relative of his) is standing behind her using his fingers like a Mixmaster in her brain.  Hurts so much that she can’t get it together to speak.  Finally she blurts out “Stop!” and lifts an arm to wave Paul the Alien’s hand away.  

No luck, he just comes on stronger with the fingers of the other hand.  Finally he slows down and the pain begins to subside.  He stops, goes on his way.  My colleague, who has had fogbrain since incurring two concussions, reports that after Paul’s intervention, her thoughts are clearer than they were before the concussions.

Yes, we’re coming up on Mercury Direct again, 21 September at 10:30pm PDT.  My personal bias is that the influence of Mercury, like the other planets, is Strongest when it’s Stationary.  So if you’re planning some important Communication or Negotiation or travel, the best time to do it would be before the Station.  Don’t take my word for it; test it out.  Make some relatively but not crucially important Communication several hours before the Station, and another several hours after.  Then a day later, check to see which Communication was more effective.  Let me know the result.

But don’t think most of what you’re Experiencing has much to do with Mercury.  In addition to the Huge-Reboot Makemake-Jupiter-Sappho Triple Initiation (see previous twelve posts), dwarf planet Chaos – Unlimited Potential – is also Stationary, turning Retrograde at 11am PDT on 23 September.  After last weekend, we should Expect to encounter any number of things that seem “Too Good to be True.”

Chaos remember Opposes Mars-Ixion-Pholus, which Opposition Squared the Chiron Full Moon.

The net effect of all this is that we’re being Asked to Stand Still for the pain of our Despair over whatever Abuse caused us to Abandon our Greatest Talent, and Take Full Responsibility to Manifest the Unique Skills of our Hidden Natural Genius.

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