Huge Reboot 6

Again, I’ll use Huge Reboot 5 as a template, grey it out, shorten the earlier material, and add new comments in black.

Before we go into more detail about all the weekend Fireworks, I’ll built a Timetable, so we can at least test our Sensitivities.  Take notes, and tell me what you Learn.  The interactions between events will of course be Confusing, but that’s the nature of Real Life.

15 September…

  • 8am PDT – Ixion Initiates Mars 23 Sagittarius (Your Abandoned Orphan begins to Feel that they have Permission to Act Out)

There could be lots of Excitement here, or Guilt, or both…  

  • noon PDT – Varuna enters Leo (Celebrating the Life Force)

Varuna has been in Cancer since 1993; it’s as if the Life Force is graduating from high school…  

  • 7pm PDT – Asbolus Stationary Retrograde 16 Gemini (Opening your Emotional Channel to Receiving Intuitions)

We all have a “preferred” or primary Channel for Receiving (or Ignoring) Intuitions; a Little Voice, a Picture, a Gut Feeling, etc…  

16 September…

  • noon PDT – Full Moon and Penumbral Eclipse 25 Pisces (Busy, Busy, Busy)

The Moon Conjoins Chiron and the Sun takes Jupiter’s place in the Grand Cross… 

When there is one planet on the eastern horizon…

Moon-Chiron heads a Kite with Sedna and asteroid Moira (Fate) on the shoulders, and Venus-Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris join Mars-Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos to form a Golden Rectangle.  Uranus-Eris heads a Kite with Chaos and Pallas on the shoulders.

If one of your Values or Strengths is Achievement, you can’t beat a Grand Cross’s Multi-Tasking and Competence attributes.  By itself though a Grand Cross can be too Driven to produce a great deal of Happiness for the Cross-bearer, or for their associates.  So you want to add some Grace into a Grand Cross chart, and this one has plenty.

We refer to a Grand Trine as “Dumb-Luck Grace,” as it just makes things easy.  In fact, we usually find that a Grand Trine manifests as Arrogance until its bearer Realizes that everyone has their own Special Skills, because someone with a Grand Trine is naturally amazed at how much difficulty Others can have with the activities that are Effortless for them.  If they lean toward Trumpism, they’ll suspect that the Others must be stupid.  

This Full Moon chart has two Grand Trines, so we’re in luck; our Type-A-ness will be much softened.  

Both Grand Trines are stretched into “Kites” – a Grand Trine with a distinct Direction of Impact.  A Grand Trine is just three planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, so it has no “Leader.”  Adding a fourth planet Opposite one of the three makes the Configuration look like a kite, and provides clear Leadership.  The two Kites here are Led by Moon-Chiron (Embracing our Despair) and Uranus-Eris (Choosing Radical Honesty).  

They indicate the qualities that will bring us the most Grace over the next several weeks, as a Full Moon generally shares Suzerainty over the following two to four weeks.  Specifically, we want to be Loving and Gentle with all Self-Doubt that arises (and as we’ll see soon, there could be plenty), and being Honest about our Upper Limits (which as we’ve seen will be triggered Big-Time).  Honest with ourself in the sense of not trying to be inauthentic, and Honest with Others so as to refuse to be Manipulated.

Another very Grace-Full Configuration is a “Golden Rectangle” – two Oppositions separated by 60 and 120 Degrees, which are the friendliest Angles in the Zodiac.  These are generally Leaderless, but bring Grace into two otherwise complicated Either/Or temptations.  For instance, with Chaos Opposing Mars-Ixion-Pholus we could easily beat ourselves up for Risking too much in the name of Expansion, and just as easily beat ourselves up for not Risking enough, in the name of Safety.  The Grace will reduce our Self-Abuse and increase the probability that we’ll strive for Both/And with Expansion and Safety.

The other potential trap that Grace is likely to assuage is that, with our new Values being barely breached, Honesty about who we are will be an iffy proposition – we may not know yet who we’re Becoming.  If you’re in the Habit of saying “I’m one of those People who…”, curb the Habit.  What that statement really means is “I’m one of those People who is trying to make myself Believe that I’m…” as well as “I’m in Judgment about People who don’t…”  Both Inauthenticity and Judgment will greatly hinder your Personal Growth.

Buddhists strive to achieve “Don’t-Know” mind.  That’s a Powerful place to be while our new feathers grow in.

Wow, how many times are we going to revisit this shouting emphasis on 22-27 Degrees…

We’ve been working with this 22-27 Degree span, or close to it, repeatedly, and for a long time now…

17 September…

  • 5am PDT – Haumea Initiates Venus 23 Libra (Beginning again on a new foundation of Values)

Haumea is Pele’s daughter…

  • 10am PDT – Jupiter Initiates Sappho 2 Libra (Expanding Self-Love with Wisdom)

18 September…

  • 8am PDT – Pholus Initiates Mars 25 Sagittarius (Practicing Actions that Betray our Self-Sabotage)
  • 3pm PDT – Makemake Initiates Sappho 3 Libra (Breakthrough in Manifesting Self-Love)

19 September…

  • 4pm PDT – Makemake Initiates Jupiter 3 Libra (Profound New Skills with PIAVA – and PDSA)

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