Responsibility III

Moon crosses Quaoar and Galactic Center (1am PDT 10 September)

We aren’t quite through with Channeling Survival Instructions from Headquarters – see .

Mercury Opposite Chiron (5am PDT 10 September)
Saturn Square Neptune (7am PDT 10 September)

This is in here because it Grounds all of the other Far-Out Deep-Unconscious Irruptions.  Relatively.

This is the second Mercury-Chiron (Review of our Despair places) event in this Mercury-Retrograde Review-of-Ego-Death-and-Unfinished-Emotional-Business (ie, Virgo-Pisces) adventure; look back to 19 August to see what went down for you at the first or “Can-Opener” event of the series.  The World is Shifting, and this is an Opportunity for us to Shift along with it.  That means Letting Go of obsolete Identities and Emotional Baggage, and replacing them with New Ways of Looking at the World.  

And of course the Mercury-Chiron Opposition is closely Square to the Opposition between Ixion-Pholus and dwarf planet Chaos.  The Mercury-Virgo-Pisces Revue spans 10 August to 24 October.

“Ganeshi, please Lovingly and Gently Remove All Obstacles to my Receiving and Embracing New Perspectives that Heal what Ails me and that Allow me to be Fully Responsible to my Unique Genius and Unlimited Potential.”  Scary, eh?  Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement.

Saturn-Neptune isn’t new either; the Can-Opener event was 26 November 2015, and we Learned more about it in mid-June of this year.  If we were Conscious of the process involved, we’d now be finding our Confidence in our Resilience, our Ability to Survive and Thrive no matter how the Culture around us crumbles.  Maybe you’re Harvesting your first home-grown Food, for instance.  

I’ve made several different promises to talk more about all this, which I will do soon.  In the interim you can keep busy reading about it under Sustainability, Chiron-Neptune, Jupiter-Chiron, Jupiter-Saturn, and Saturn-Neptune in the Categories list at right.

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