Saturn-Neptune-Orcus Eclipse

(1) Well, it’s not an accident that your Life seems to be falling to pieces around you.  That’s what happens when it’s time for something new.  It just takes us a while to figure out that The Most Important Thing is Finishing Business and clearing the detritus so we can start with a blank slate when we do start over.

(2) Not a big rush; this deconstruction phase will be with us for several years.

(3) It may not feel good, but it’s actually a very positive Change.  We’re still under the considerable Grace of the last Full Moon, and what we’re being forced to Let Go of is actually long overdue for the dustbin.  We’ll be giving up a lot of Bad Habits, including the Habit of playing Good GuysBad Guys games, and Habits of Self-Betrayal.

(4) We can make it a lot easier on ourself if we Focus our Attention on taking a Fearless Inventory of our Self-Sabotaging Patterns, and fully Accepting the Challenge of PIAVAing them into the past tense. 

(5) This first part of the New Moon is hogging all of the Attention, but it’s not the most important part – there are two other Complexes that will have more long-term impact.  We’ll talk about those next.

(1) Yesterday’s Eclipse Conjoined Orcus and Opposed Neptune, T-Squared by Saturn.

(2) Both the Saturn-Neptune Square and the Jupiter-Saturn Cycle are Waning.  It’ll be almost 2021 before Saturn again Initiates Jupiter, in 1 Aquarius, and sets us on a road to a new Society, and by then it will be a Digital, Airy, mind-y Society, probably a lot heavier on the Idealistic or Normative than the Compassionate.  It gets better after 2026, when Neptune next Initiates Saturn, in 1 Aries, and the Planet begins to make Lemonade again.

(3) See .  The Orcus-Eclipse Conjunction is about Becoming Aware of our Self-Sabotage and finding the Motivation to Change the Patterns that have kept it cemented in place.  Asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) is also Conjunct Orcus-Eclipse, and Asteroid Aletheia (Truth) completes the Grand Cross.

(4) Asteroid Karma Trine-Bridges the Saturn-Aletheia Opposition, and the Juno-Lilith Conjunction Trine-Bridges the Neptune-Eclipse Stellium Opposition.  However, that means they Square one another.  Remember that a Square means Mastery through Challenge, not Frustration, unless you choose the latter by keeping your Focus on the short-term Pain rather than the long-term Purpose.

(5) There’s a second Grand Cross, and the Grand Quintile (see ) persists.

4 Responses to “Saturn-Neptune-Orcus Eclipse”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Can you explain what ‘PIAVA’ means? I have been following you for awhile now and don’t know the meaning. Thanks

  2. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Kathleen, see please. Thanks for asking, and thanks for following!

  4. astrobuss Says:

    Thanks, Soulspeak!!

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