Saturn-Neptune-Orcus Eclipse II

(1) So far we’ve talked about 

But a fourth prominent Complex is probably the most important of them all.

(2) It starts with a strong obligation to Embrace the parts of our Self that for whatever reason we’ve suppressed or kept underground.

(3) Which is part of the major Mandatory Molting we’ve been doing every September for the last several years.  This involves taking on Forms which we don’t usually include in our Egoic repertoire.

(4) Which will introduce us to our Unlimited Potential – our “Greatest Fear” as Marianne Williamson puts it.  So we need to be mindful of “Upper Limits” – places we’ve always wanted to go, but which Feel so Strange when we get there that, Fearing it may be the Season of the Witch, we want to rush back to the unsatisfying Known.

(5) We also find ourselves with our Self-Love looking in the Mirror and seeing our Despair and Discouragement – and vice versa.  That can be a bit shocking, but as long as we remember to Embrace our Discouragement (“You poor Sweetheart, …), we’re Golden.

(6) All of this is mediated and integrated by the Rebirth of our True Self, which Rebirth we’ve been perfecting for several years now.

(7) Which requires that we invite “the Universe” to help us with two major Paradoxes, via of course PIAVA:

  • “I Wonder how my Rebirth will Heal my Discouragement about ever Acting Out my True Self”
  • “Ganeshi, please Remove All Obstacles to my Unwavering Love for my True Self”

Or something like that.

(8) The Eclipse, the Big Learning, and this fourth Complex are all tied together in such a way to tell us that The Most Important Thing is Self-Love and Self-Empathy.  We can expect a number of Epiphanies about that, and a number of Adjustments and Rebalancings in our Lives to accommodate it.  “There exist Faith, Hope, and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.”

(1) The second Grand Cross we mentioned, which is also intertwined with a Golden Rectangle.

(2) Dwarf planet Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) is Stationary at the Eclipse, turning Direct on 4 September, and it Conjoins a Stationary Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility), which turns Direct on 8 September, and the asteroid Lachesis (Measuring the Length of Life of an Ego) as well.

(3) The Centaur Storms as we’ve called them, when three Centaurs and two dwarf planets all go Stationary at about the same time near the same location, which happens to be the Galactic Center (Command Central).  In addition to Ixion and Pholus, nearby dwarf planet Quaoar (the Laws of Survival) turns Direct on 9 September, and Centaurs Chariklo (Charm and Beauty) and Hylonome (the Grief of Separating from an Archetype) both turn Direct on 10 September.  Centaurs are half Huper and half Horse.

(4) Ixion-Pholus-Lachesis Opposes dwarf planet Chaos (not Disorder but Unlimited Potential).

(5) The other Opposition in this second Grand Cross, in addition to Ixion-et al Opposite Chaos, is Sappho (Self-Love) Opposite Chiron (Despair and Miracles, mediated by Self-Empathy).

(6) A Golden Rectangle is formed when two Oppositions are a Trine apart, which Manifests a Golden Ratio of Sacred Geometry fame between the long and short sides of the Rectangle.  The Opposition between Ixion-et al and Chaos forms a Golden Rectangle with the Opposition between Uranus-Eris (the Soul’s Truth) and Haumea (Rebirth).

(7) The Golden Rectangle makes two Opposing Trine Bridges across the Ixion-Chaos axis of the Grand Cross.  And its outside corners (Uranus-Eris and Haumea) make two Opposing Quincunx Bridges across the other Grand Cross axis, Sappho-Chiron.

(8) The Eclipse Grand Cross is at 8-11 Degrees of the Mutable Signs, while this second Grand Cross is at 23-25 Degrees of the same Mutable Signs.  Mutations are in order, in other words.  And, the two Grand Crosses are 15 Degrees apart, which introduces Octiles and Trioctiles between the corners of one and the Bridges of the other.

The overlighting Configuration formed by these Eighth Harmonics is a Crossbow pointing at Sappho from Chiron.  A Crossbow is formed when two Shoulder Planets are each Octile from a Focal Corner of a Grand Cross.  This creates three Mjolnirs, one each to the two Shoulder Planets (here, Karma and Juno-Lilith), and the third to the Grand Cross planet Opposite to the Focal Corner (Chiron).  The half-Grand-Octile surrounding the Shoulders forms the bow, the Focal-Corner planet the arrowhead, and the Grand Cross axes the bow and the arrow.

So while Epiphanies around Discouragement (Chiron), Pattern-Breaking (Karma), and PIAVA (Juno-Lilith) are prominent, the point of it all is,  quite sharply, Self-Love (Sappho).

Meanwhile, the corner shared by the Eclipse Grand Cross and the five-pointed Grand Quintile Star, is Focus on The Most Important Thing (Saturn).

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