(1) We’re in the midst of a very unusual and very Strong episode of Hyperlearning, which you may be experiencing as a restless dissatisfaction with many or all of your old standby pleasurable Activities.  More isn’t Better in these circumstances; we need to relax into Nothing instead, as new Impulses and Openness to new Experiences turn into new Excitements and Motivations.  Settle into it; it’ll take a while.

(2) For now we need to find and focus on The Most Important Thing, as once we locate that our Enthusiasm will be boundless.  The Collective Psyche on the Planet has come loose from its old moorings, and that too will Create a sense of restlessness.  

It’s an extension of our Mask Removal adventures; Fearing Isolation, we adopted Values and Habits that were aimed at insuring our Popularity.  As the Collective Psyche Changes they may not work any more.  But since we’ve Grown, we may no longer need them.  And since we’re now more oriented to the Truth in our Individual Hearts, we’ll be rejecting what no longer fits anyway.

(3) The Bottom Line is that we need to be Present with our Emotions, Lovingly Embrace them as they are, and avoid trying to attribute them to our Metaphors about Reality.  The Transition from here to 2021 will be rough, and eliminating as much Self-Sabotage as we can will make it easier.  Our Metaphors are useful as Maps, but they only Symbolize the Landscape.  An error in our Map will have us walking off a cliff if we aren’t Conscious that the Map is not the Territory.

Truth is in the Heart, not the mind, and we find our True Values through our Emotions.  We might find our Idealism through the mind, but Idealism is nothing but a Treasure Map.  Our True Values are quite different.  Idealism strives to avoid Contradiction; True Values thrive on it, but it’s called Paradox instead.  

(4) We have two Mandates from “Headquarters” (the Galactic Center).  First, get Sustainable.  And second, Recover your Abandoned Genius.  Our Unique Genius was like as not suppressed so that we wouldn’t attract undue Attention and “rock the boat.”  Well, the boat is now already rocking, and it’s full of Genies who don’t acknowledge their own Magical Skills.  If no one steps forward, it will sink.

If we address our Genius through our Competitive Egos, chaos (disorder) will indeed result.  That’d be like putting Ginger Baker on Guitar and Eric Clapton on Drums, if Guitar and Drums were the essential Tools for “Saving the World.”  Funky fun for a few minutes, but why waste all that Mastery?  We need to address our Genius through our Community Egos, through Collaboration.

(5) Don’t neglect your Gratitude for the Blessings Full Moon that we’re still Enjoying.  It would be a lot harder without it.

(1) At 6am PDT today Mercury was Stationary while Conjunct Jupiter, Venus, and Makemake, though Makemake won’t be Initiating Mercury till it returns from vacation.  That’s a lot, but only a beginning, as this Stellium heads up a Grand Quintile – which is about Hyperlearning as well.  The other corners of the GQ are Mars-Saturn, Vesta, Pallas, and Ceres, with Mars Out of Bounds.

(2) Of course Mars Out of Bounds while Conjunct Saturn will be very frustrating anyway, but look at those other poles – Unconscious Beliefs, Boundaries, Sustainability – all realigning themselves and one another.  Sappho (Self-Love) is being sucked into the Stellium, and Quincunxes Uranus-Eris in the process.

(3) Jupiter and the Stellium, including Sappho, Oppose Chiron,  The Jupiter-Chiron Cycle is tightly bound the the Chiron-Neptune Cycle, both Initiated as Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl.  They’re about adapting to a new social and economic order on the Planet as we make our final exit from the Industrial Era and enter the Digital Age.  The Jupiter-Chiron portion is about being Relentlessly Compassionate with ALL of our Emotions.  As in “You poor Sweetheart…” stuff.

(4) The Grand Cross includes the Sappho-Chiron Opposition (aka Jupiter-Stellium Opposite Chiron) and the Ixion-Chaos Opposition (aka Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar-GC Opposite to Chaos).  In a real sense, dwarf planet Chaos is the other side of the Chiron Coin.  Where Chiron identifies the places where we’re Blind to Possibility and see ourselves as Unhealable, Chaos represents the Unlimited Potential of the Real Universe.

(5) See https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2016/08/14/blessings-full-moon/ .

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