Blessings Full Moon II

Lots of Grief, sobs coming up for no apparent reason for many hereabouts.  It’s important NOT to intellectualize Emotions.  I know, it’s a huge temptation when we’re programmed by an Atlantean overHead Culture.  But attempting to apply CauseanDeffect to Emotions makes as much sense as applying Catfur to Pasta; they belong in different realms, and besides, you’ll gag on it.

This is Pisces homework, the ultimate Life Lesson that Pisces takes a Lifetime for, and Neptune (Confusion and Clarity) and Chiron (Despair and Miracle) are both in Pisces for the long haul, Chiron till 2019 and Neptune till 2026.  They’re both prominent in the Blessings Full Moon.

From the Perspective of Pisces, an unpleasant Emotion arising from the Depths for Letting-Go (as opposed to “Re-Leasing”) is indeed the ultimate of Blessing.  As long as It resides in the Deeps It rules us; when It arises, we can rule It.  But not if we give It to that great Dog Mind to chew on.  Then we serve Mind, the Dog, and we become compelled to feed it.  It howls and wakes the neighbors when we don’t.

When It arises, we have to let It Be what It is, Emotion.  No Cause, no Effect, just Emotion.  No more Caused than a Heartbeat or a full Bladder.  Sure, you can rue the Beer, but it makes a lot more sense to just pee and be done with it.  It help to find where It Lives in our Body.  Grief often dwells in the Heart, but not always.  It can Live somewhere different in the next hour, than It Lived in the preceding one.  We have to follow It.

Follow It with Love.  No other approach to Emotion works.  All There Is Is Love, Love.  Love Is All There Is.  Embracing Emotion with Emotion.  The only process that works.  Letting the great Dog Mind Imagine a Cause is like trying to assuage a full Bladder by driving a nail into your Foot.  

Love is soft and warm, Fear is cold and hard.  Soften around Emotion, warm it.  Resistance is cold and hard.  Attribution is liquid nitrogen.  Who can Live in liquid nitrogen?  To Live you need Oxygen.  Locate your Emotions in your Body and Breathe into Them.  Let Them Live and Dance, let Them Be who they Really Are.  You haven’t really Met Them yet, and they’re You.  They’re a lot more You than your Dog Mind.  A whole lot more.

All around I see people being more Real, too.  Like Fernanda says…

Reminiscent of when I said I’d take one apartment then found another, and went back to tell the first folks only to find (later) that my Double had replaced me.

Or Lauren Oster…

“I visited a friend at the hospital yesterday.   He whistled when he saw me, and I trilled back.  He’s a northern cardinal, you see.  I volunteer at the Wild Bird Fund, New York City’s only dedicated rehabilitation center for sick and injured wildlife.  The boundary between the life I live as a middle-aged Manhattanite and the fairy tales I gobbled up as a girl grows more porous each time I visit.”

“My favorite patient was a rat.  The WBF doesn’t usually admit rats, but someone brought one in and we named her.  Seeing her cage card –

Dehydrated, Disoriented, Wound on Arm

broke my heart.  Virginia sounds like a character from a fable, but such intimacy with wild animals reminded me that they aren’t feathered or furred metaphors.  They’re real,  They’re part of our community, and we’re part of theirs.”

From “Creature Comforts,” Rodale’s Organic Life, September/October 2016, p.112.

Each one of those Emotions is a Wild Animal.  Cardinals and Rats don’t have Reasons and Causes.  They each have Their own Account, and that ruthless hunting Dog Mind and his Atlantean pack are exactly why They’re all going Extinct, as We are if we follow our current Canine path.  It’s Heart that Endures, not Head.

3 Responses to “Blessings Full Moon II”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  2. Fernanda Says:

    Brilliant post! ♡

  3. alchemist0310 Says:

    Gorgeous words for this pisces girl to linger and linger and then linger again, upon. Ascension flu is alive and well over here… kundalini rising is the work of the day… xo

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