Blessings Full Moon

The next several weeks are all about Blessings, tons of them.  There’s a “catch,” of course.  We’re settling into a new Province (in Time), deciding which wall gets the couch.  But there’s a nagging Feeling that we Left something Behind in the old Province, and we Fear that we may need it.

No Worries.  What we’ve Left Behind is our Olde Ego, the one who had to fight for everything.  It’s not so easy to Receive a ton of Blessings.  We’re suspicious.  Are they trying to Manipulate us?  Has anyone asked about the Cost?

Sit down.  Breathe.  Imagine that it’s Summer Time and the Living is easy.  Fish are jumping and the Cotton is high.  Your Momma’s oh so rich, and your Daddy’s good lookin’.  Just Let it In.  Find your Worries and Tap them Out.  PIAVA no difficulties.  Life isn’t always a Struggle.  There are Times when Blessings fall from the Sky, Abundantly.  Let them In.

The 17-18 August Full Moon features four – count ’em, four – Grand Trines.  They’re all Kites.  One Grand Trine is great.  Four?  Incredible.  Plus, there are Motivating Angles as well.  So what’s not to Love?  Well, okay, there’s that one thing…

Dwarf planet Sedna (Actions Taken out of Fear) makes a T-Square with the Full Moon.  The Vacancy that would complete the Grand Cross – and a Grand Sextile! – and therefore the fulcrum for the whole Blessed chart, is 26 Scorpio, which is about Making Camp in New Territory.

The Fixed Star Agena, or Beta Centauri, is there in the Vacancy.  Agena may represent “the sacrifices required for growth to occur” (Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.102).  There’s more to the story – this is the Constellation Centaur – which we’ll cover later.  

The Arabic name, Hadar, means On the Ground, Settled, echoing the symbol for the Degree.  Interesting “Coincidence” that a few days ago the discovery was announced of the most Earth-like exoplanet yet, circling a star in Agena’s twin Alpha Centauri (both Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri are triplets that appear to us as one Star).  No other Star is closer to the Sun than Alpha Centauri.

The four Grand Trines are…

(1) 24-26 of the Fire Signs, Uranus-Eris (Truth-Speaking), Sun, and Pholus (Full Responsibility).  Pholus is part of the “more to the story” about the Centaurs.  Quaoar (Survival) is Conjunct Pholus and within three Degrees of an exact Sextile to the Full Moon.  The Full Moon is at the head of a Kite at the Uranus-Pholus Midpoint.  The Asteroid Atropos (Endings) makes a second Kite at the Sun-Uranus Midpoint.

The Full-Moon and Sedna-Agena Oppositions form the Grand Cross.

(2) 24-27 of the Earth Signs, Mercury-Jupiter (Mind-Blowing), Sedna, and the asteroid Moira (Fate).  Chiron heads the Kite, at the Sedna-Moira Midpoint.  There’s that Centaur Connection again.

Moira is the collective representation of the three Fates – Klotho (Grandmother Spider), Lachesis (Measuring the Length of a Lifetime), and Atropos (Cutting the Chord).  Atropos is in the incipient Grand Sextile.  Lachesis is Conjunct Pholus, four Degrees from Sextiling the Full Moon.  And Klotho sits between Mercury and Jupiter.

The Chiron-Jupiter and Atropos-Pholus Oppositions form a second Grand Cross, with Lachesis Conjunct Pholus and Klotho Conjunct Jupiter.  Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) by the way, also Conjoins Pholus-Lachesis.

So we’re due for some mind-bending Learning here that will Cut the Cloth for a whole new reboot of our Identity, in the process Healing our Unhealable Wounds.  Intense.

(3) 5-8 of the Earth Signs, Ceres (Sustainability), Centaur Chariklo (Charm), and dwarf planet Orcus (Oaths), with asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things) Conjunct Orcus.  Note that Ceres Conjoins the Fixed Star Schedar (Shakti Leadership).

 Centaur Nessus (Privilege and Abuse) at the Ceres-Chariklo Midpoint heads one Kite, while Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) at the Chariklo-Orcus Midpoint heads another.  The Fixed Star Mirfak (Young Male Energy, not open to Wisdom or Caution – Brady p.187) fills the 6-Cancer Vacancy to complete the Grand Sextile.

The Nessus-Orcus Opposition Squares a Mars-Aletheia (Truth) Opposition to create the complimentary Grand Cross.

(4) 10-12 of the Water Signs, Neptune (Cultural Trance), Lilith (Yindependence), Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs).  Orcus at the Vesta-Lilith Midpoint heads the Kite.

We’ll look at some of the Configurations on this remarkable list in future installments.



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