As we’ve often said, we like to collect Perspectives.  The more the merrier.  A Fundamentalist, whether in religion, science, ego, politics, or idiocy, is someone who Believes that their own Metaphors are literally True.  We’re Fundamentalist in our Belief that the Universe is bigger than intellect, so we Believe that everything we “know” is metaphor.  We often see folks, especially in science, who seem to Believe that the Universe is a subset of their intellect.  

Others seem to Believe that the Universe is a subset of their Emotions.  Certainly the Universe is about Consciousness, but I’m not sure that the Universe is a subset of Consciousness, it could be the other way around, or they could easily have some other sort of Relationship.  The Bottom Line is that it behooves us to examine our Beliefs.

One Belief I’m pretty sure about, is that there is no inherent value in the Negative.  It’s the Lemonade Principle – if you’re stuck in the Negative, Change your Perspective.  A minor corollary of Chiron, with its Despair and Miracles.  Especially if you’re talking about people or events.  There is only one reason to interpret people or events negatively, and that is to manipulate someone or yourself.

Pity parents, religions, and other Political instititions.  For their own psychological and often material well-being, they need to Control their kids and followers to at least some extent.  Depending on the kid and the Emotional maturity of the parents or group, often Manipulation is their only hope.  It’s usually the easiest tool to use, and heing handed down from generation to generation, it seems reliable.

So if we’re looking for a personality zit to make someone feel Guilty or Sad or Contrite, Saturn is often the easiest “fault” to grab.  We all know the Control Freaks who know what’s inherently good and bad, and don’t hesitate to instruct you on how to conform to their notion of good.      Do we see them as Negative, or simply overzealous at practicing a very useful Skill?  Probably depends on how strong our own Uranus is.

Here’s a fun example…

Julie Henderson has a fabulous book on Expansion (Jupiter) and Contraction (Saturn) and the value of each, called The Lover Within: Opening to Energy in Sexual Practice, though it’s incredibly useful for Practicing far more than that.  She also introduces Compression, as distinct from Contraction.  Highly recommended.

The Most Important Thing I’ve ever learned about Saturn is that is symbolizes The Most Important Thing.  When Saturn is Strong, as it is this week…

Saturn is Stationary this week, turning Direct at 10 Sagittarius on 13 August.  The Sabian Symbol for 10 Sadge may help you remember what it was that you ran out of Patience for last 25 December: “The theatrical representation of a golden-haired Goddess of Opportunity.”  Something Contrived, maybe, or something Wasteful, some Future source of Lemonade?

Saturn asks us to Focus on The Most Important Thing, and let all of the Other Things slide for a while.  That’s scary because the Other Things help us Feel Safe.  It’s very Risky to put all of our eggs into The Most Important Thing – if it fails we may really need to Change our Perspective, to rescue ourself from a serious Ego Death!

So, what Metaphors do we “know” about this astroevent and by extension this week?

  • (1) It’s about Letting Go of something we’ve been holding on to.  Maybe something Contrived, Wasteful, or a Future source of Lemonade.
  • (2) We’re used to thinking of Saturn as having crisp Edges and Defined Boundaries.  But this Saturn Station is a little different.  Have you noticed more things moving out of the corner of your eye, and there’s “nothing” there when you look in that direction?  How about the Spiders.  What’s being Defined here is that the Veil is thinning yet more.  Spider Grandmother weaves the Web of Reality, and She’s busy making adjustments.  More about this later.

   Just sayin’.

  • (3) Some of our Values are Truth in our Heart.  Those won’t Change.  But others (faux Values really) are the result of Vows that we swore in this Lifetime or another, or that we adopted from our Ancestors.  These latter Values are Changing, which will require some Adjustment in our Lives.
  • (4) This is really about bringing our Masklessness more into public view, which will shock us at times, as it happens seemingly below our Volition.
  • (5) When this happens it will be surprisingly satisfying.
  • (6) The Bottom Line is that we’re being Reborn (again).  If you find yourself in situations where you feel like an infant, go out of your way to be very Loving with yourself.
  • (7) We’ll be making a number of Adjustments, which we’ll detail in the next installment.
  • (8) Trump’s self-immolation is likely to continue, as it becomes easier to support the Goddess.  We’ll also find it easier to PIAVA than to PDSA.
  • (9) Accordingly, it’ll be a lot easier to Wonder how we’ll Adapt to the New Reality, than it will to try to Understand and Consciously Adjust.

When in Doubt, just Ask Ganesh to Remove all Obstacles between you and What you Want.  However, express What you Want in ways that allow Change with the least Resistance.  For instance, rather than Asking for the contents of your intellectualized Anxiety (such as Survival and Comfort), Ask for Peace and Confidence.

The astrology…

(1) Saturn is in Sagittarius.  As Mutable Fire, the essence of Sagittarius is Letting Go and Letting God.

(2) Saturn Squares Neptune, which is again about to Initiate the South Node, as it did in January 2000.

(3) Saturn is the focus of a T-Square with Neptune and Venus-Orcus.  Orcus Initiates Venus on 10 August, which is about Learning or Remembering new Skills as a rookie. 

(4) The Square between Saturn and Venus-Orcus is the base of a Mjolnir focused on Uranus-Eris.

(5) The asteroid Veritas, Latin for Truth, completes the T-Square by Opposing Saturn.

(6) Haumea Opposes Uranus-Eris, bisecting the T-Square and the Mjolnir and creating a Top out of the whole complex, spinning around the Haumea-Uranus/Eris axis.

(7) The bisecting adds four Octiles (Rebalancings): Saturn Waxing Octile Haumea, Venus-Orcus Octile Haumea, Neptune Octile Uranus-Eris, and Veritas Waxing Octile Uranus-Eris.  We could spend a long time on this.

(8) The Neptune-Opposite-Venus/Orcus axis bisects a Neptune-Lilith-Vesta Grand Trine, creating a Venus-Orcus Kite.

(9) Vesta Quincunxes Saturn, creating a Major Tricolor with Neptune.

2 Responses to “Saturn”

  1. Fernanda Says:

    “Ask for peace and confidence” I’ve been doing that and it does work much better. Thank you for this insightful post. ♡

  2. alchemist0310 Says:

    the highlighted notes in “pink” are very much present, noted and filed… more .. more,,, rinse and repeat! xo

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