Portals 13.8 and 22.8.16

Three August is probably our last excellent day for taking Action to start a big new Project, though the odds remain strongly in our favor till around 22 August, particularly if our Actions include being willing to take calculated risks to “show off” our Unique Genius. 

Venus is moving out of the Grand Sextile, but it’s replaced by the Moon on 3 August.  After that, we have five of the six points of a Grand Sextile until around 11 August, with the Vacancy in Leo.  From then till about 15 August, while asteroid Beatles remains in the band, the Sun fills the Vacancy.  

From the 15th till about the 22nd, while the Sun holds the Leo position and Beatles strolls away down Abbey Road, we’re back to five points, with the Vacancy in Aquarius.  Both Vacancies are about showing off our Unique Skills, complementing Ixion’s place in the Grand Sextile.

Meanwhile, the Grand Cross, which supplies the Motive Force to Activate the Grand Sextile (remember what Stephen Buhner said about Love and Will? – we’re going to count that as a new addition to our PIAVA playbook), is long-Lived, lasting from late July into early September.

Around the same 22 August, Jupiter moves out of 3-Degree Sensitivity, so the Grand Cross will then Motivate Projects begun over the two weeks after that, but won’t Excite the Present Moment as much.  After 22 August, when the Grand Sextile goes away, the Golden Rectangle formed by Ixion-Pholus Opposite Chaos Trine to Haumea Opposite Uranus-Eris remains within 3-Degree Orb for most of the rest of the year.

Golden Rectangles are Inspired by their Oppositions, so…

The Planet is very fecund for the rest of the year, for Enjoying the Rebirth of our True Self and the Unlimited Fruits of our formerly Orphaned Genius.  Don’t hold back!

Meanwhile, most of the next two weeks is about Focus, as Saturn, which signifies The Most Important Thing, is very Strong.  Saturn has a reputation for Limitation, but that’s a bad rap.  Our secondary Priorities are Important to us, because they’re our fallbacks should we fail at The Most Important Thing.  If our fallbacks fall flat, we still have other options.  

If our First Priority falls on its face, it’s a blow to our Ego and our Identity.  So we’re loathe to give up our fallbacks.  But that’s exactly what Saturn Asks us to do.  In no uncertain terms, Saturn says…

It’s Time to Focus on The Most Important Thing.  Let Go of your secondary Priorities for now; they’ll still be there when you get back.  And obviously, The Most Important Thing right now is to Make Space for your Orphaned Genius.

It’s a very strong Prescription.

Saturn  turns Direct 13 August at 3am PDT, in 10 Sagittarius.  It’s been Retrograde since late March, and has backed over 17-10 Degrees of Sagittarius.  If you have natal planets in that zone, the message is to Stop Ignoring Them!  This is the Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Duads of Sagittarius, and…

This is about Letting Go of all Baggage from the Past, and accepting a new Spark that will Ignite your Future.

We first hit this space on 25 December last year.  Something wore out its welcome for you then.  You ran out of Patience for Struggling with someone or something.  It’s not Important what you Let Go of then; what’s Important is the Spark that Inspired you to seek Freedom instead of Struggle. Remember that moment of Relief when you first knew that you would be able to Surrender this Burden.

If you can’t remember it, imagine it.  You’ve been Struggling with something for Centuries, and something just snapped, and you just Cut the Chord and Floated Free.  It was like this…


There’s actually a third element in Stephen Buhner’s Love-and-Will process (see https://astrobuss.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/sleep-who-needs-it/ ); it’s the Moment of First Contact.  Buhner’s talking about plants, but we’re generalizing the process to work as a PIAVA on anything.  I’ve been playing with it, and it works.

So last 25 December, or just now in your Imagination, you Felt a Spark of Inspiration.  It was Lovely – you Loved it.  You’ve probably been dwelling more on what you Left Behind then, maybe with some Guilt.  Shift your Attention to the Spark of Freedom instead.

You want to make that a permanent part of You.  Open your Heart and Will it to be so.  It may Feel or “Look” like little double doors Opening in the center of your chest, as if a Cuckoo was going to come out and sing.  Will this Spark into all Projects you will Initiate in August.

In the video, which character did you naturally Empathize with?  Watch it again, switching roles.  If you can.  Try it full screen.

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  1. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines .

  2. alchemist0310 Says:

    such a beautiful film. first thought was, “wow, I like to put the feathers that I find on my walks in my hair” I usually tuck them into my ponytail, and I can feel a bit like nebula! yes, will be watching it again. Looking forward to reading more of “Buhner”… so nice of him to release his work on the overdrive app, which is the free downloads from the library!

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