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The Time is Now 1 – Trance(Re)Formation

July 17, 2016

Let’s start this discussion of the 19 July Full Moon with a short summary of the Bottom Line…

  • Whatever projects you’ve been thinking about for a long time, NOW is the time to dive into them head-first.
  • Whatever old Habits are holding you back, this is the time to drop them like a hot potato.  You’ll be amazed at how Easy that is Now, even if you’ve been struggling unsuccessfully with them for years.
  • We all have Unconscious Habits that are holding us back.  Drop them now as well.  How the devil do we do that if we don’t know what they are?  Simple.  What is it you Want that you haven’t been able to Manifest?  Just PIAVA that.  Period.  No ifs ands or buts.  Pattern-Change is so Effortless now that your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs will just drop away on their own.  All you have to do is Ask for whatever you know you Want that Transcends them.  “Ganeshi, please remove all Obstacles between me and {Heaven on Earth}{Whatever it is that you Want}.  Thanks, Sweetheart!”
  • That’s the Good News.  The Bad News is that every part of you that’s Attached to the Status Quo is going to be freaking out, because everything in and around you will be Changing.  When this happens, just Laugh at it.  This is why they say, “Be careful what you Ask for.”  No matter, it’s happening anyway, we just have to Live with it, you may as well Go for It.  The Sky is Falling?  Wow, look at the way it cracks up when it hits the Trees!  The Ground is all covered with Blue!  That’s hilarious!
  • Where would you like to be in five years?  Living a life of Ease on a Tropical Beach?  Working at a job that you Love doing so much that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, that pays you more than you ever imagined was possible?  Embraced in a Safe, Loving, Abundant, Exciting Community?  Working cooperatively with billions of Others to bring the Planet back from the brink?  
  • We’re Transitioning to a whole new Social and Economic Order.  It would behoove to Ask for a Loving and Gentle Transition for yourself and your Family of Choice over the intervening five years.  A lot of people will be self-destructing.  Let them go; there isn’t a lot you can do to help most of them.  Their Earth-Adventure is winding down.  It’s really their Choice.  Help them if they Ask, but don’t give away what you Need, and don’t extend beyond their Gratitude.

Next we’re going to talk directly to the astrologers, and while they’re gasping for breath, we’ll do a series of short interpretations.  I’m doing it this way simply because there’s so much to be said.


July 14, 2016

I’m hiking with a friend.  We’re two-and-a-half days from the nearest road.  We’re perched on some rocks overlooking a white-granite plateau dotted with small lakes, eating lunch, quite near this spot…

We see a solo hiker a half-mile or so away on the ridge, heading our way.  As we eat he walks right up to us and asks if he can hike with us, as he’s tired of hiking alone.  We say “Sure,” and share our lunches.

After eating we scramble up the ridge to a high plateau with remarkable inch-high wildflowers miniaturized from the exposure, lack of real soil, and the short growing season at 2500 meters.  My friend casually asks our new companion what his name is – and he says MY NAME.  It’s a good thing we’re on a plateau, or I would have fallen off.  I was literally in shock, and spontaneously pulled out my driver’s license to see if my name was what I always thought it was, or if I’d somehow become someone else.  Literally.

My degrees are in Geography; he was a Geologist.  He was new the the area, from a state where my mother had distant relatives, but not my father, so if we had ancestors in common they were not within the last several generations.  After a while I calmed down (had I known about it then, I would have Tapped to get back in my body), we hiked a while longer, and then went back to our separate camps.  

Back home, several weeks later, I was in the process of renting a new apartment.  I had asked a landlord to save one for me, but then found one I liked better a few doors away.  So I went back to the first apartment and told them I’d changed my mind.  They looked at me weird, and said “Fine.”  Then I ran into my Double on the street.  He had rented that first apartment.  He said that they had looked at him weird too, but the names matched, so they didn’t inquire further.

We shared notes about hiking, and two weeks after we had met, we had each been hiking alone 15 kilometers from the first hike, both traversing the same mountain in different directions, and we didn’t cross paths.  We ran into each other a couple of times, and he asked to use the swimming pool at my apartment complex.  The whole scenario still kind of freaked me out, so while our interactions were very cordial, I regrettably shied away from establishing greater contact.  But we weren’t done.

A couple of years later I moved to another city.  My partner at the time was named (making up a name here) Susy Jones at birth, but she was enrolled in a professional school and thought Susy would not sound formal enough, so she had it legally changed to Susan.  About six months after moving I got a call from my bank.  

They had an abandoned account, shared by one Susy Jones and myself (or at least, my name), at a branch about a mile from where I’d lived in the first city, but a branch that I’d never had an account at.  We went down to the local bank branch, and both social security numbers were totally different, so as far as the bank was concerned, case closed.  Who knows for sure, but I’m willing to bet that it was my Geologist friend, with a partner whose name was the same as the one my partner was no longer using.

Lots of “coincidences,” eh?  It’s not the way I would have imagined a Double might work, were there such a thing.

Resisting What We Really Feel

July 14, 2016

A great review of the simple way to Tap out intense Discomfort of any kind…

and another for Tapping out Doubt…

It also helps to rank your Discomfort or Doubt before and after Tapping.  A “scale of one to ten” is typical, but you can use anything you want – “one to a hundred” might work better, especially if you’re able to let the number come to you instead of having to “compute” it.  If one Tapping sequence increases your Comfort or Willingness to Receive even 2%, that’s a solid sign that you’re moving in the right direction.

Let your Tapping phrase evolve as you use it.  When you finish one Tapping sequence you may think of different approaches or entirely different phrases that will make a positive contribution to what you’re trying to Change.  While some folks also add positive phrases, and while negative phrases may be contrary to many suggestions, Tapping uses negative phrases on purpose, because you’re expressing the negativity you’re Really Feeling.  Simultaneously activating the Meridians brings your Energy back into Balance so that the negativity is corrected automatically.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time explaining yourself, you can Tap in public, or in other situations where movement would be inconvenient, by Imagining each of the nine Tapping points as you repeat your phrase silently.  Intention follows Attention.

Gary Craig, who adapted this version of Tapping, frequently says that our Limiting Beliefs are like three-legged stools.  They may not appear to be moving at all, but once we Tap out one of the legs, the whole structure topples.  Tapping, Imagination, and Persistence make an unbeatable threesome.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

If you’re taking Bryan’s Emerald Forest workshop (see ), which is absolutely Delightful and highly recommended (there’s still time; you’ll need only several hours of time anytime between now and Saturday), I recommend you replace “Call Forth” with “Invite” in his Invocations.  Fairies embody Yintegrity, and like you, don’t appreciate being summoned.

Self-Love Vs. Abuse

July 11, 2016

The themes this week are more Truthiness, Self-Love, Self-Nurturance, and your Willingness to overcome Conscious and Unconscious Habits to the contrary and Learn to Set Solid and Consistent Boundaries against your Internalized Voices of Self-Judgment, and against their External Mirror, that is, against Bullies.  Abuse issues could arise.

Let me say that over again in a less convoluted way.  We have Habitual Internal Voices that Judge us and call us names.  Instead of “You poor Sweetheart, that hurt, didn’t it,” it’s more like “You dumbshit, why’d you do that?”  Our Willingness to tell those Voices to shape up, and work to build new Habits that eliminate their Abuse.  Start with “You poor Sweetheart, they were nasty to you, weren’t they.”  Then move to “If they weren’t me, I Wonder who they were.”

Watch for Self-Sabotage due to Inattention, such as tripping, bumping into things, hurting yourself.  If that happens, Wonder why you weren’t Paying Attention.  What was your Attention on?  There are secrets here waiting to reveal themselves.  For example, maybe you berated someone a little harshly, and when you look back your Attention was on Being Right rather than Connecting.

Or maybe you burnt your tongue when you forgot how hot your Coffee was because your Attention was on your long to-do list.  The PIAVA is “I Wonder what childhood family dynamic  would make it be important for me to Be Right, or to Overfocus on my to-do list, or to ___.”  What did you gain, or not lose, by doing that in your family of origin or your childhood?  You probably wouldn’t Consciously hurt yourself.  So why would you do it?

The operative word here is “you.”  Rather than your Conscious Intentions, think of yourself as the sum and result of your Actions.  No one else hurt you, you did.  How can you Integrate that with your Conscious-Intentions view of your Identity?

Chances are there’s a part of you that was split off at a fairly early age, and she’s still trying to get your Attention to let her (or him) back in.  She may be pretty cynical and untrusting by now, so it may not be as easy as “You poor Sweetheart, I’ve shut you out all these years, haven’t I” but it’s a start.  Even if you can trace your Critical and Self-Judgmental Voices back to a sibling or significant adult or local Bully, they still may be part of you.

This is a time to set Boundaries against those Voices.  Not rigid, rejecting Boundaries against the Offender, but firm Boundaries (ie, stop Believing the Self-Judgment) against the Abuse.  The Behavior needs correcting, the Behaver needs Love.  That’s the Internal version.  If you’re manifesting External Bullies to Mirror your Internal Bullies, this is where you need rigid, rejecting Boundaries.

You can Feel Compassion for the Wounded Child of your External Bullies, but not Act on your Compassion.  It’s good Piscean Practice.  Someone else can Act Compassionately toward them, not you.  No one left in the World except you?  Well, that’s unfortunate, because your assignment here is to take care of You.  Not to take care of You first before you take care of them, but to take care of You, period.

That’s the Opportunity in the air this week, and there’s a lot of Grace available if you’re Willing to do the Work.  But the Work must get done regardless.

(1)  Eris (Truth-speaking) turns Retrograde at next week’s Full Moon, which means it’s Stationary (Dominant) this week.  This ignites 24 Degrees and its neighbors, which is fairly busy.  Eris is the shoulder of a Kite (Focused Grace) pointing to Vesta (Bringing Unconscious Beliefs into Consciousness), with Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) the other corners of the Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace).

The Eris-Vesta Sextile (Grace Requiring Initial Effort) is the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Mars (Anger, Action, Physical Energy).  In other words, if there’s Abuse directed at you, or if Memories of same emerge, Take Responsibility for them, not in the Blame sense (Attributing Past Cause), but in the Action sense (Changing Future Outcomes).  Of course, if you find yourself Abusing someone, Stop, and then if it’s a relationship you want to keep, Make Amends.

Eris of course is still Conjoined by Uranus (More Masks to be Removed), and it’s Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by Mercury (Conscious Awareness).  The resulting Tricolor is Eris-Square-Mercury-Quincunx-Ixion-Trine-Eris, implying that our anthem is something like “I Wonder how my Abandoned Genius is tied up in all this.”

The Mercury-Eris Square is Waxing (the Cycle is Growing), and the Initiation occurred (the Cycle is about…) in 23 Aries (Pregnant woman in light summer dress) – Nothing to hide, nothing to be Ashamed of.

Mars Squares Hopi (How do we reconcile our Anger with Respect for  All Things?  Hint: Just get off the bus, Gus.)  The Tricolor is Hopi Square Mars Quincunx Eris Trine Hopi, or “I Wonder what Action will be required by the New Information I’m likely to receive.”  The Mars-Hopi Square is also Waxing, having begun at 30 Cancer (A daughter of the American Revolution), Pay Attention to which Rituals are Required.

(2)  The other dominant Configuration, an Initiation of Sappho (Self-Love) by Orcus (Oath-Breaking), illuminates 7 Degrees of the Yin Signs.  It Opposes the ongoing Conjunction between Pallas (Boundaries) and Nessus (Abuse).  Which is to say, it’s time to Break any Oaths we made to Tolerate Abuse.  The Opposition is Truss-Bridged (Eased) by Lilith and Chariklo (Entire Generations of Women, back to the dawn of history, Stand Behind you in this).

The Opposition splits a Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This!) directed at Pallas-Nessus (Standing your Ground) in Pisces (Compassion).  The base of the QYod is the Quintile between the Moon and Venus-Varuna (No, back to the Dawn of Life!).  Which puts the Orcus-Sappho Initiation Decile (Abundance) to both Moon and Venus-Varuna (Making New Oaths to Uncompromising Self-Love).

Big Stuff!

Connecting Off-Planet and Off-Dimension

July 11, 2016

As I’ve said many times, it’s important that we reconnect with Fairy Energies.  Everything we eat is derived from Plants, and Fairies are to Plants as Souls are to Hupers.  If you aren’t a Breatharian, you need to be on good terms with the Little People.

I’m recommending this week’s online “class” on these folks, “The Emerald Forest, Exploring the Mystery of Elemental Alchemy”...

If you’d like an introduction to Bryan deFlores, scroll down on the same page to where it says…

“Radio Interview with Bryan – Fantastic!  
Awaken to Happiness Now”

It’s relatively long, but an excellent Perspective on our Off-Planet relations.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to one of Bryan’s workshops, but he seems to have mellowed a lot, seeming less self-conscious and simply excited by what he’s doing – which is a lot.  His artistry is amazing…

My skepticism has always been on full volume around his off-planet work, but he’s consistently managed to circumvent it.


Brexit and Goblinization

July 7, 2016

One of the Fears around “Brexit” is that Europe will become “Balkanized” again and create more Wars to End All Wars.  This is an intriguing fantasy (?) conversation from the Continent…

While the “populist” gets the last word, it makes it sound like a polite debate over which movie is better, rather than the struggle for Survival between the 1% who know it’s either “us or them” and the 99% who understand that even if they wanted to protect themselves at the expense of Others, they couldn’t pull it off.  Actually it’s probably more like 94%, if we pull out the Trump supporters who are duped into believing they can do just that if only the government, society, and minorities would get out of their way.

Here’s a more comprehensive view of globalization issues…

Obama’s TPP, which stands for the Toiled Paper Project because that’s what it’ll do for your nation’s Sovereignty, is kind of an EU-ization of the Pacific, excluding (purposely) the Chinese.  Nigel would have us believe that the EU operates in a similar fashion.  Does it?  I don’t know.  I know that the financial side of the EU is run by Wall Street alums with the same Perspective that has run the US into the toilet.  I don’t know how the EU ranks Citizens versus Corporations on other trade issues.  Maybe someone can educate me.

Here’s an even more comprehensive view; long, but worth it. He even recommends Curiosity about the “heartless corporate executives, greedy bankers, cowardly political elites, and drone-like bureaucrats and technocrats”

Thanks to fraveilve for the tip.

Repeating Astroevents

July 7, 2016

One of the reasons I wrote about Anxiety specifically recently, is that several folks have expressed concern recently about whether nightmares of one kind or another that they endured when an astroevent happened, will recur when the event repeats.  Just as an example, the 9 June Uranus-Eris Conjunction will come back to haunt us on 26 September – that will probably be an intense time for Britain.  When we personally have planets in our natal chart triggered by outer planets in the Sky, it’s even more intense.

The way I look at it (from several decades of personal experience), when an astroevent repeats it’s because the Universe wants us to Learn something very well.  If we’ve never experienced the particular event before, of course we’re going to be caught off guard the first time it occurs – at times even shaken to the core!  That’s why we call the first occurrence the “Can-Opener” – it opens Cans of Worms, or venemous Snakes, that we didn’t know about.

The second and subsequent events are usually a little less intense, but if we’re swamped with dread from memories of the Can-Opener, we can actually make it worse through our Anxiety and Expectation.  Expectation turns out to be a lot like Intention (which is what’s most Self-Sabotaging about our Limiting Beliefs), and as we said earlier, Anxiety can actually create Limiting Beliefs, through Decisions.

After we’ve experienced a Can-Opener, we need to take notes on our Internal and External Realities – what were we Feeling, and what Happened (plus, what Happened and how did we React to it).  We refer to the second episode of any astroevent as an “Exposition” – it Exposes a lot more information about the first event.  So as the second event approaches, we can be reviewing our notebook and Expecting to Learn a lot more about those Feelings and Occurrences that the Can-Opener triggered.

The more Experience we have with anything, the more likely we’ll deal with it calmly and confidently.  Sometimes astroevents go on and on, like the Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2012-15.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Saturn and Chiron Opposed one another over and over again for eleven years!  The Universe was shouting, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE IS LEARNING HOW TO DEAL WITH DESPAIR!, as Pluto crossed Scorpio.  I grayed that out a bit lest someone think we’re referring to the Present Moment.  What we got from that was the Recovery Movement.

When we’re dealing with planets in the Sky now, like we write about here, both planets are moving, and if they’re moving at similar speeds they can chase each other around playing tag for a long time.  But since our natal planets are fixed, personal astroevents usually happen only three times.  Those new dwarfs out beyond Pluto can move so slow that it takes them several years to go just one Degree, so they’re exceptions, but their impact is deep in the Unconscious, and they may have less direct impact up here on the Surface for many folks.

If we were taking good notes at our Exposition, we probably Learned a great deal about any Overwhelm we experienced at the Can-Opener, and the third occurrence of an astroevent is usually a “Confidence-Builder.”  The same Feelings recur but we’ve now integrated them.  Similar External Events happen, but now we’re a relative pro at dealing with them.  

This approach to “Transits” (as astrologers call interactions between Sky-Now-planets and natal-planets) is one of the strongest gains one can make from following one’s “Stars.”  It converts one from being an unwilling Victim of one’s Transits, to being a willing Student of them.  As a friend of mine once said, “I know that ‘This too shall pass,’ but you’re an astrologer; you know when it will pass.”

The other major impact we can make from knowing our Transits, is Decision Prevention.  Prevention of inappropriate Decisions, that is.  If you were following the in-the-Sky-Now Transits at the time of “9/11,” you’d have understood that The Most Important Thing at the time was Dealing with Your Fear of Death, as the Saturn-Pluto Cycle had just moved past it’s climax.

Instead of being a Student of the astroevents of the time and Learning about Ego Death and Transformation, most folks rushed eagerly into being their Victim, leaving the US open to being manipulated into buying what Dubya called “Perpetual War” by America’s leading export industry, the Arms Industry, and into loss of considerable civil rights through the Patriot Act.  Both of these are still Self-Sabotaging the US fifteen years later.

When we discuss 2020, as we’re planning to do, we’ll have to take into account that the decade begins with Initiation of a new 33-year Saturn-Pluto Cycle centered around Awards for bravery in combat.  We’ll have to see whether the awards go to storm troopers or freedom fighters.

The current Saturn-Pluto Cycle began in 1982 at 28 Libra, Becoming conscious of Spirit.  The next one begins in January 2020 at 23 Capricorn, Awards for bravery in combat.  

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle that marks the beginning of the Digital Age doesn’t Initiate till the December Solstice in 2020, at 1 Aquarius, An old California adobe mission.  Pluto Initiates Jupiter in early April 2020 in 25 Capricorn, An abundance of Oriental rugs.

If we combine these new beginnings with the Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle that began at the Derivatives or “Mortgage” Crisis, we have a lot of old Technology surviving into the Digital Age – passive mud-brick buildings, weaving, pottery, Plants; Sustainable technology for a nuclear winter after a Trumpian fit of pique or Planetary climate diaster?  Violets are edible.

Or maybe just Sustainable technology for an expanded Back-to-the-Land Permaculture movement for the billions who won’t find a place in Digital society.

Present Moment Plus One

July 6, 2016

Reader Arion444 asks…

Wouldn’t having a good cry count for letting go as well as tapping?  What does tapping actually do to feelings?  Numb them out or what?

A good cry, especially if it’s spontaneous, is great for Letting Go of Tension of any sort.  Lots of impromptu sobbing going on in this neck of the woods, often with “no good reason,” or with irrelevant justifications.

Tapping is a form of Accupressure.  You’re tapping on the ends of several Energy Meridians, and the impact is to Balance and Center your Energy.  Folks tend to naturally fall into two categories – “Chemists” and “Physicists.”  “Chemist” types think Matter is the Bottom Line, and don’t understand Energy any more than Extroverts understand Introverts.  “Physicist” types know that it’s really about Energy, and that Matter is just a shadow of Energy, as Plato suggested.

Donna Eden and Barbara Brennan have written many excellent books on the Huper Energy System.  Muktananda’s Play of Consciousness is a great introduction to Energy.  Here’s another…

Or search on “Chakra” in Amazon.  Many “diseases” and afflictions can sometimes be Healed in an instant by creating shifts in one’s Energy, as Accupuncture and Homeopathy (which works on Energy Frequencies) amply demonstrate.

When our Energy is Balanced, and we’re Centered and Grounded, Emotions become valuable sources of information, as do thoughts.  When either Emotion or thought Overwhelms Consciousness, we lose our Center and access to our all-important Intuition.  Resistance strengthens what’s Resisted.  

“A good cry” is an example of another good technique – replacing Resistance with Surrender.  The problem is Belief.  When either thought or Emotion is out of Control, it makes great entertainment.  But if we Believe the content of either, we can make Decisions that become Limiting Beliefs that can hold us back for decades and Lifetimes.

No, Tapping doesn’t “numb out” our Feelings.  Emotional Overwhelm, drugs, thought, programming, Culture, Horror, Alien invasion or abduction, and Minnesota can do that, but not Tapping.  Tapping Centers us so we become able to Feel our Emotions, give them their rightful place as Instincts or Values, receive the Information in them, and put it in Perspective along with all of the other Information we have from our thoughts, Intuitions, observations, Limiting Beliefs, and other sources.

Just kidding about Minnesota, in case you missed Garrison Keillor’s final show.

My favorite Tapping example is waking up in the middle of the night in Fright – Did I hear a crash downstairs, or did I just Imagine or Dream it?  What if it’s a bugular?  When this happens, I leave my Body, and what remains is kind of an electrified shell.  You don’t need to physically Tap – Energy follows Attention.  So you can Imagine tapping, you don’t even need to rock the bed.  Within one or two rounds of pretend Tapping I’m back in my Body where I can weigh the odds objectively.  It hasn’t been a Boogieman yet.

The impact of Tapping isn’t limited to the non-Physical.  One of my favorite uses is when I have to travel for the day, am getting ready to leave, and I want to krap first, but I don’t have time to wait around for normal peristalsis.  I Tap on “Even though my poop is slow, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself.”  It works every time.  As Nick Ortner says, “Try it on Everything.”

Another reader asks…

“Did you have an astrology context for sending this one out?  I sure am experiencing a ton of impendingness.”

My main reason is just the sheer amount of Uncertainty and Change we’re in the midst of while Mercury (mind) is Out of Bounds (Strong).  Anxiety can just Feel like Butterflies in the Belly, till the mind gets involved.  Once that happens, the mind goes into Helicopter Trips – What if this, What if that, What if those, O My!  Wop wop wop wop wop, as the blades go ’round and ’round.  Perfect for Mercury Out of Bounds.

The Mars Yod from Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne and Chaos-Vesta is also more than enough to freak anybody out, even if Mars wasn’t in Scorpio.  Like having little jet engines on the tip of each blade.  We also mentioned the Pholus-Ixion-Quaoar-Galactic Center Stellium.

Emotions are contagious.  When we get amped up in Emotional Overwhelm, the neighbors Feel it and have to fantasize their own reasons for what they’re Feeling.  In fact, often when we’re struggling to intellectualize our weird Feelings, they aren’t ours at all, they’re the neighbors!  If we want a Stable Planet, we all have to Take Full Responsibility for our Emotions, especially Anxiety and Blame.  Otherwise, we make Other Folks Live them.

Plus, the Full Moon chart is Amazing, so we need to be ready.

Present Moment

July 6, 2016

Anxiety makes it difficult to stay in the Present Moment.  We’re so busy Interpreting what has happened and what might happen, that we have little bandwidth left to see what’s going on in the Moment, and the Present Moment is the Fulcrum on which the Future turns.  What’s True is “I Feel Anxious.”  That’s a Feeling, and we need to deal with it as an Emotion.  

The intellectual content that Anxiety triggers – or vice versa – is just noise, and if we try to “fix” it from the Perspective of our Anxiety, we’ll just screw it up.  There are a number of ways to deal with Anxiety as a Feeling, including Tapping ( ) and Meditating… 

Being Present with Anxiety as an Emotion – Where is it in my Body?  What does it Feel like there?  Hot, cold, tense, shivery?  Can I Embrace or Relax it there?  Am I Grounded?  Oh, there’s the mind again wanting to assign Blame; Thanks for Contributing, Honey; I’ll call you later.  Where was I…  Has that Sensation shifted or moved while I was away?

But before we can deal with Anxiety as a Feeling, we have to Realize that we’re in Anxiety, and remove our Attention from the compulsive intellectualizations that decorate it.  There’s an excellent reason why the word “Feeling” can refer to either Emotion or Sensation.  

It’s critically important for us to develop Skill with our Emotions, because they’re so intricately involved with our Values and our Instincts.  Intellectualizing or dismissing our Emotions results in constant Self-Sabotage, as you reject your own Values and ignore your own Instincts.

After you’ve

  • Explored the Physiological Sensations involved with this Feeling in this Moment – we might assign the same Emotion name to many different Physiological Sensations so we want to start afresh with each Experience, and after you’ve
  • Tapped out any Overwhelm that came with the Feeling – allow it to take many iterations if necessary (see below),
  • Done a long series of Kegels if you’re still in Fear – Kegels can make a huge shift in Fear; do as many as you need toand you
  • Feel Clear and Centered and Grounded, then 

You can check to see if any Action is needed.

Is my Tummy telling me I’m not Safe in this Moment, and I need to Act to get Safer?

Is there an Opportunity here I need to take advantage of?  I Wonder if it’s Real or Hype.

Do I need to take an Action to Support my Values?  Is it The Most Important Thing on my priority list?  I Wonder what Action will Support my Values most Effectively.

Is this just an Affront to my Ego?  What’s my Ego Attached to, that I’m Offended by this?  I Wonder what I might gain or lose if I Let it Go.

Of course we’d Change the Subject after each Wondering; if you aren’t sure why, look up PIAVA in the Categories List in the right-hand column of the home page.  (If you clicked on an individual post, the List won’t be on the screen; open a new tab and go to home page to find the List.)

Ultimately we Want to be able to Act quickly on our Instincts, and consistently Support our Values.  But for most of us, that will take a lot of Practice working with our Emotions, as they can lead us down many blind alleys when unexamined.

It’s  good practice to Ask yourself how intense your Overwhelm is on a scale of 1 to 10 before you Tap, and Ask again after a round.  You might go from 7 to 6, for instance.  Keep Tapping till you get to zero or close to it.  Modify your Tapping phrase each time if it Feels appropriate; you may be working with several issues at once.

There’s a whole literature about Taking Responsibility for our Feelings.  One good source is .  It’s not always easy, but if we’re going to move to Yintegrity, it’s very necessary.  In simple terms it’s the difference between “You did such-and-such, you Nasty-Name!” and “I feel Angry when you do such-and-such.”  The former invokes natural and appropriate Defensiveness.  The latter could well enlist cooperation to help you avoid Feeling unpleasantness.

“I feel Angry when you do such-and-such” does not imply that the person doing such-and-such is the cause of the first person’s Anger.  In many cases, if the so-and-so who does such-and-such is in the Habit of “walking on eggshells” to avoid triggering the first person’s Anger, they’ve got their own issues to work on.  Ultimately, the first person will have to examine their own Anger, and the second person their own Response to Anger.  

It might come down to “You remind me of my Hated Uncle when you do such-and-such” for the first person, and “I regress to three years old when you get Angry, and I’m Frightened” for the so-and-so.  Which is a huge improvement from the original Nasty-Namedness – and which opens a lot of doors for Cooperation and Collaboration.

The Centaur Pholus is about Taking Full Responsibility, and in the July New Moon chart Pholus is Squared by Chiron (Despair and Miracles).  Pholus also Conjoins, and sits at the Midpoint between, Ixion (Abandoned Genius) and Quaoar (the Technology to Survive), which Stellium is on and near the Galactic Center.  It gets even more complex in the coming Full Moon chart.

Which is to say, we need to Take Reponsibility for our Feelings, and for staying in the Present Moment, if we are to Survive and Thrive.

Upper Limits

July 5, 2016

Back in the 1980s Gay Hendricks came up with the very useful concept of Upper Limits – when we’re Changing faster than the Body-as-a-Whole is comfortable with, it will try to slow us down, and we often interpret that as a warning that we’ve taken a wrong turn.  I worked pretty hard back then to understand his approach to Upper Limits, but as I recall, Breathe and Rest were the two major pillars.

Today on her blog, Dr Kim gives us a great Tapping sequence for Upper Limits… 

I was unable to find what she referred to as “yesterday’s video” on Time Pressure – I’d love to find that one!  Here’s what seems to be “yesterday’s,” which I was intending to pass along anyway… 

Here’s another good one for Upper Limits…

And if her “Time Pressure” video sounds valuable to you too, you can join me in searching her video blog at… 

I’ve been busy lately and queued up several of her emails, but looking back through the blog I can see that I need to make time to review them all!  Meanwhile, I can ask; her staff is very responsive.  I recommend subscribing; email links to her videos arrive every few days and they’re always timely and fabulous.