Sleep – Who Needs It

With Uranus Standing Still as I write this, I’d usually be telling folks not to worry if they aren’t Sleeping, because when Uranus is Strong, our Creativity is Strong as well, so Inspiration is often stronger than the need for regular Sleep.  Of course, if we let our Shoulds override our Wannas, we’ll try to Sleep a regular schedule anyway, and end up exhausted. 

I have several close friends with Uranus prominent in their Natalities (birth charts), and with Uranus lit up a lot for the last five years, they’ve been finding themselves lucky to be able to Sleep much at all.  But the last few nights?  They been Sleeping like babes – a good example of how astrology often acts homeopathically!  We can identify a dimension (Sleep, Creativity), but not a Direction (lots or not much).

Stephen Buhner, in his Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature, tells us how to grok Plants…

“There will come a time, when you slightly step back from the plant, at the moment when you are not thinking and not feeling, that the living perception of the plant as a complete whole emerges within you.

“The organism stands forth in its own light and is understood.  Knowledge of the plant as medicine (or its function in the ecosystem, or more) is directly gathered from the plant itself.

“However, before the whole of the plant emerges and is revealed to the imaginal sight, there will be a moment of stasis, a moment in which the will of the perceiver and the resistance of the phenomenon to reveal itself are equal.  There is an impasse. during which movement forward is difficult.

“You may feel as if you are pushing through cotton wool, with no forward momentum possible.  At this point, it is the will of the student to know – and the depth of love he or shw has for the plant – that is essential, that carries the process through.  Love without the will, however, is insufficient, because there is no motive force.  And without love. the phenomenon will not acquiesce to reveal itself to you.

“It is here, at this point of stasis, that you must hold your intention to know and not allow yourself to be distracted in your task.  If you continue, to hold your directed focus, there will be a moment in which the forces involved – the will and love of the perceiver and the life force of the phenomenon – converge.  There will be a moment of breakthrough where you emerge into a center of understanding.”

This is a great description of the process of Knowing anything – Plants, Rocks, People, planets, History, Zeitgeister.  I’ve even been using it to improve my general Intuition.  If we’re going to operate from Yintegrity, as our Soul-Urge Uranus wants us to, we need a well-honed Intuition.

Today’s bigger impact though, isn’t about Yintegrity directly, though Yintegrity is certainly a solid path to achieving it.  Today’s biggest impact is the Unlimited Future available to us when we connect with our Abandoned Genius.  Buhner’s suggestions for having a Heart-to-Heart talk with a Plant, is also an excellent suggestion for having a Heart-to-Heart talk with our Orphaned Genius.

Uranus, turning Retrograde at 2pm PDT 29 July in 25 Aries, is still Conjunct Eris, on its way to the late-September Uranus-Eris Exposition – and still Opposite Haumea, so our Maskless Rebirth is still underway.  

A bit after 12am PDT 30 July, though, the Moon crosses dwarf planet Chaos, which is Sextiled by Uranus.  This is a Biggie because Chaos makes a Grand Cross and sits at the head of a Kite, making Chaos the clear Ruler of the Uranus-Stationary event.

The Grand Cross consists of Chaos-Opposite-Ixion Square to Jupiter-Opposite-Chiron.  Uranus-Eris, Ixion, and Venus form the Grand Trine, with Chaos, Sextile to Uranus and Venus, completing the Kite.  Haumea and our asteroid friend Beatles complete the Grand Sextile, all within 22-25 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs.  The Grand Cross occupies the same Degrees of the Mutable Signs.

It’s been a difficult five years, as we’ve been forced to shed the Masks that have kept us Feeling Safe, even as they kept us from being Present to the World.  Our Vulnerability may well get a whole lot easier here for a while.

Now, with Uranus past its exact Station, excuse me while I go catch up on my Sleep…

One Response to “Sleep – Who Needs It”

  1. Robin Says:

    Thank you for this, I’ve been wondering why I was sleeping so good! Sleep has been elusive this summer. You are appreciated! :-)

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