The Time Is Now 8 – Abuse

One thing we neglected to mention in The Time Is Now 3, is that Pallas (Boundaries) is sitting with the dwarf planets OR10 (Leakage from the Deep Unconscious) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege).  If you encounter any Abuse Memories, don’t waste any Energy worrying about whether or not they’re authentic Memories – if they aren’t yours, they’re certainly someone else’s.  This is one point of the Seven-Pointed Star, meaning that The Time Is Now to Invite, Accept, and PIAVA Healing for Abuse of all forms.  

War is probably the most extreme form of Abuse of all kinds, as well as the easiest excuse for even more kinds of Abuse.  The flip side of Abuse is Privilege; when Abuse isn’t the direct result of Psychopathy, it’s the indirect result of Privilege – otherwise “normal” people (ie, people that do have a Conscience) who are Culturally conditioned into believing that their inherent superiority allows them to Abuse people whom they regard as inferior.  We see this being enacted all over the Planet.  In the Capitalist Ethos, for instance, the Right to make, sell, and own guns Trumps the Right of Others to stay Alive.  The word Trump means Being Privileged.

Pallas-OR10-Nessus also Opposes Orcus (Reverting old Oaths) and Sappho (Self-Love).

As we Let Go of Fear and set our Resolve against Abuse, we Betray old Oaths around Protecting Ourselves by Limiting Ourself to avoid certain behaviors, people, or places.  Guilt arises over Betraying any Oaths, these included, and Guilt that “it must have somehow been my own – or their own – fault” is part of the way Guilt enforces Limiting Beliefs.  As we Change, we need to be Mindful that the World will React negatively to our newfound Unwillingness to Cooperate with their programs and pogroms.

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