The Time Is Now 7 – Graces

The four Automatic Graces in the 19 July Full Moon chart…

The four Grand Trines embedded in the Grand Unx…

(1) In 26-29 Degrees of the Emotional Signs: Mars in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, Sun-Varuna in Cancer

We get to Miracles by Relentlessly Seeking the Essential Life Force in each Entity, Object, and Circumstance we encounter.

(2) In 27-28 Degrees of the Mental Signs: Nemesis in Libra, asteroid Beatles in Aquarius, Vesta in Gemini

Our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs will shift when we Celebrate our Gratitude for the Ordinary and Bring our Resentments into the Present Moment.  

To Bring our Resentments into the Present Moment means to recognize that our Anger is an Emotion occurring in our own Body.  It may have been triggered by someone or something outside of ourself, but it wasn’t caused by anything External.  If it wasn’t a pre-existing Held Emotion you would not have hesitated to deal with the Issue directly, and Resentment never would have arisen.  You get out of this Archetypal Death Spiral by Owning the Emotion in your own Body.

(3) In 26-29 Degrees of the Material Signs: Astraea in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn, Sedna-Aletheia in Taurus

We abolish our Survival Fear by approaching Ego Death without Preconceptions and Trusting that our Instincts will Guide us in Creating a New Identity with fewer Limiting Beliefs.

To approach Ego Death without Preconceptions means that we Celebrate Confusion as the first stage of Growth, we are Mindful that Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement, we are Willing to use Tapping and Kegels to accelerate the process, and we are Aware that when we Change it freaks other people out, so we avoid the Temptation to attempt to Revert in order to protect their Comfort Level.  

(4) In 24-28 Degrees of the Spiritual Signs: Hopi in Leo, Pholus-Quaoar-GC in Sagittarius, Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne in Aries

We understand that we have been Endowed and Tasked with a Sacred Trust to Remember that ALL THINGS have Souls and Consciousness.

And the two Conditional Graces, which require only that we Take the First Step, for Blessings to follow…

The two Grand Sextiles embedded in the Grand Unx…

(1) In 24-28 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs: Hopi in Leo, Vesta in Gemini, Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne in Aries, asteroid Beatles in Aquarius, Pholus-Quaoar-GC in Sagittarius, Nemesis in Libra…

Where we would normally Step Back, Get Involved instead.  Where we would normally Step Forward, Stand Still instead.  Where we would usually Stay Silent, Speak Up.  Where we would usually Offer our Opinion, Listen Instead.   Open your Heart to what you most often Judge.  Be Skeptical in situations where you would usually Melt.  When you encounter people disrespecting the Planet or its Denizens, Call them on it.  Surprise your friends by being a lot more Candid than you usually are.  Explore the territory beyond your usual Limits.

(2) In 26-29 Degrees of the Magnetic Signs: Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn, Chiron in Pisces, Sedna-Aletheia in Taurus, Sun-Varuna in Cancer, Astraea in Virgo…

“Ganeshi, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Leaving no Stone unturned in pursuit of ALL of my Deepest Desires, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Trusting my Instincts, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Loving Embrace of all Negativity and Fear, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Respect for All Life including Inanimate and Noncorporeal Life Forms, and Please Remove all Obstacles to my Embrace of Life without Expectations and Preconceptions.”  Those are the pieces; now, how, for you, will they Integrate into one Unity?

“Ganeshi, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Living Directly from the Heart, Moment to Moment.”

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