The Time Is Now 6 – Challenges

The twelve Signs in astrology are derived by multiplying three Modalities by four Elements.  The three Modalities correspond to the triune Godhead in Hinduism – Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer, and Shiva the “Destroyer” or Transformer.  The astrological Modalities are “Cardinal” or Creative, “Fixed” or In Form, and “Mutable” (as in Mutation) or Changing.  The four Elements are common to many traditions – Fire/Spirit, Earth/Matter, Air/Mind, and Water/Emotion.  So while one astrological Sign might be about Creative Emotion, another will be about Spiritual Mutation.

Let’s look at how the 19 July Full Moon Manifests each Modality and Element…

A Grand Unx includes three Grand Crosses (Challenges), one in each Modality, four Grand Trines (Automatic Grace), one in each Element, and two Grand Sextiles (Blessed Effort), one in each Duality (Dynamic or Magnetic).  

The three Grand Crosses are…

(1) In 26-29 Degrees of the Signs governing Form: Mars in Scorpio, Hopi in Leo, Sedna-Aletheia in Taurus, Beatles in Aquarius…

We are Challenged to demonstrate the highest possible degree of Respect for All Things through acknowledging the Reality of our Fear that Physical Form is Unsustainable (and Tapping it Out), by Attending to it Relentlessly, and by acknowledging the Sacred in the most Mundane facets of Life.

(2) In 24-29 Degrees of the Creative Signs: Nemesis in Libra, Sun-Varuna in Cancer, Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne in Aries, Moon in Capricorn…

We are Challenged to Nurture the Fundamental Sacredness of the Life Force through Honoring the inherent Presence of its Opposite in All Things, Respecting how our Ancestors have prepared the Ground for us to Walk on, and constantly acknowledging that we will never Master the basic incompatibility between I and Other. 

(3) In 26-28 Degrees of the Signs dealing with Change: Astraea in Virgo, Vesta in Gemini, Chiron in Pisces, Pholus-Quaoar-GC in Sagittarius…

We are Challenged to recognize that Spirit is Ineffable while taking Full Responsibility for its Defense, to know that failing to Fully Embrace any Emotion leads to Despair, to be at Peace with the fact that the Mind will never be able to comprehend the Mysteries of the Unconscious, and to accept any affront to our Identity Innocently, as if we had neither Emotional nor Intellectual Investment in our Ego. 


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