The Time Is Now 5 – PIAVAs

At the end of this very nice summary of how to deal with Duality, Phoenix proposes a number of PIAVAs to accelerate our Pattern-Breaking Adventures…

A couple of suggestions…

I avoid the term “Release” because Coyote Lives in the Unconscious and we wouldn’t put it past Her to interpret “Release” as “Re-Lease,” as in signing up for another year’s Lease.  Coyote needs to know we’re Serious, so Her tests are thorough.  So I prefer “Let Go of.”

In normal circumstances, I recommend doing only one PIAVA per day, because otherwise we lose track of what we’re supposed to be Learning in the Pay Attention phase that follows the Change the Subject stage (see to review PIAVA if you’re new to PIAVA, or for a shorter summary).

These aren’t normal circumstances, though, and under a Pattern-Breaking Grand Unx combined with a The Time Is Now Grand Septile, all coordinated by Mars and Beatles in an Ancient Pottery Bowl (see the previous four posts), we may not need to Pay Attention, as the Genie in the Full Moon may just Grant our Wishes forthwith!  Just rub the Full Moon’s Belly.  To cover all bases though, I’d approach it this way…

Spend time drafting your PIAVAs.  Make a list of your top Wants and Needs, then Prioritize them.  Can you “go meta” (raise your Perspective to a higher altitude) and combine two or more of them?  If you want Abundance, and Passion about your Work, and Service to the Planet, for instance, check to see if it would work to PIAVA your Dream Seva, or maybe your Dream Seva and Detachment, so your new Guru status won’t go to your head.

You have to give it a trial run because for instance, if you have an Unconscious Belief that Seva and Abundance are mutually exclusive, then Heart and Mind won’t be able to Unite around the Want.  We know that’s a Duality, but the Unconscious does feature Compartmentalization, even if its primary mode of operation is Dimensional but not Directional.  So you might end up Asking for your Dream Seva, Detachment, and True Community instead.

You see the kinds of Real Issues that arise while assembling a PIAVA.  It might help to pick a Main Theme, and dance around it.  For instance, in my most successful Manifestation ever, I’d been enjoying some leisure time but was feeling increasingly Guilty about ignoring my source of income.  So I composed a PIAVA, and wrote it out over and over again.

I’d write it till it flowed smoothly, without the slightest hesitation in my writing hand.  Then I’d do something else for a while, then come back and write again till my execution (of the act of writing) was flawless again.  Each time I wrote it, I’d let it evolve and change, as I thought of additional Ifs, Ands, and Buts.  One time it might be “I have all the Income I want,” the next it might be “I have all the Income and Leisure I want.”  Then I might add Fun, or think of a word that seemed to me to combine Leisure and Fun.

So you might start with “I Wonder if I can get away with Asking for Everything I Want,” Change the Subject for an hour, and then see how that Feels, see what Intuitions have arisen in the interim, see what “Coincidences” have befallen you, see if you’re Feeling mostly Worried or mostly Ecstatic.  

Also, normally I’d advise adding “Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely” to most PIAVAs, but again, that may be optional with this much Grace flying about.  On the other hand, with this much Grace applying to Pattern-Breaking, Reacting and Responding to all of the “unintended consequences” of wholesale Letting Go of Archetypes is going to be a full-time job for a while, so at a minimum “Lovingly and Gently” may be more critical than ever.

So we might want to choose “I Lovingly and Gently Let Go of my Personal Victim” over “I Let Go of my Personal Victim.”  Our Families of Origin will be particularly troublesome.  Our FOOs are Units with interlocking pieces, and when one Changes the others have to Adapt, and what usually happens is first, Denial (as they pretend you haven’t Changed), then Bullying (as they demonstrate their Anger that you’ve slipped out of your Role).  What comes after that will depend on who they are, but it often isn’t pretty.

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