Self-Love Vs. Abuse

The themes this week are more Truthiness, Self-Love, Self-Nurturance, and your Willingness to overcome Conscious and Unconscious Habits to the contrary and Learn to Set Solid and Consistent Boundaries against your Internalized Voices of Self-Judgment, and against their External Mirror, that is, against Bullies.  Abuse issues could arise.

Let me say that over again in a less convoluted way.  We have Habitual Internal Voices that Judge us and call us names.  Instead of “You poor Sweetheart, that hurt, didn’t it,” it’s more like “You dumbshit, why’d you do that?”  Our Willingness to tell those Voices to shape up, and work to build new Habits that eliminate their Abuse.  Start with “You poor Sweetheart, they were nasty to you, weren’t they.”  Then move to “If they weren’t me, I Wonder who they were.”

Watch for Self-Sabotage due to Inattention, such as tripping, bumping into things, hurting yourself.  If that happens, Wonder why you weren’t Paying Attention.  What was your Attention on?  There are secrets here waiting to reveal themselves.  For example, maybe you berated someone a little harshly, and when you look back your Attention was on Being Right rather than Connecting.

Or maybe you burnt your tongue when you forgot how hot your Coffee was because your Attention was on your long to-do list.  The PIAVA is “I Wonder what childhood family dynamic  would make it be important for me to Be Right, or to Overfocus on my to-do list, or to ___.”  What did you gain, or not lose, by doing that in your family of origin or your childhood?  You probably wouldn’t Consciously hurt yourself.  So why would you do it?

The operative word here is “you.”  Rather than your Conscious Intentions, think of yourself as the sum and result of your Actions.  No one else hurt you, you did.  How can you Integrate that with your Conscious-Intentions view of your Identity?

Chances are there’s a part of you that was split off at a fairly early age, and she’s still trying to get your Attention to let her (or him) back in.  She may be pretty cynical and untrusting by now, so it may not be as easy as “You poor Sweetheart, I’ve shut you out all these years, haven’t I” but it’s a start.  Even if you can trace your Critical and Self-Judgmental Voices back to a sibling or significant adult or local Bully, they still may be part of you.

This is a time to set Boundaries against those Voices.  Not rigid, rejecting Boundaries against the Offender, but firm Boundaries (ie, stop Believing the Self-Judgment) against the Abuse.  The Behavior needs correcting, the Behaver needs Love.  That’s the Internal version.  If you’re manifesting External Bullies to Mirror your Internal Bullies, this is where you need rigid, rejecting Boundaries.

You can Feel Compassion for the Wounded Child of your External Bullies, but not Act on your Compassion.  It’s good Piscean Practice.  Someone else can Act Compassionately toward them, not you.  No one left in the World except you?  Well, that’s unfortunate, because your assignment here is to take care of You.  Not to take care of You first before you take care of them, but to take care of You, period.

That’s the Opportunity in the air this week, and there’s a lot of Grace available if you’re Willing to do the Work.  But the Work must get done regardless.

(1)  Eris (Truth-speaking) turns Retrograde at next week’s Full Moon, which means it’s Stationary (Dominant) this week.  This ignites 24 Degrees and its neighbors, which is fairly busy.  Eris is the shoulder of a Kite (Focused Grace) pointing to Vesta (Bringing Unconscious Beliefs into Consciousness), with Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) the other corners of the Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace).

The Eris-Vesta Sextile (Grace Requiring Initial Effort) is the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Mars (Anger, Action, Physical Energy).  In other words, if there’s Abuse directed at you, or if Memories of same emerge, Take Responsibility for them, not in the Blame sense (Attributing Past Cause), but in the Action sense (Changing Future Outcomes).  Of course, if you find yourself Abusing someone, Stop, and then if it’s a relationship you want to keep, Make Amends.

Eris of course is still Conjoined by Uranus (More Masks to be Removed), and it’s Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by Mercury (Conscious Awareness).  The resulting Tricolor is Eris-Square-Mercury-Quincunx-Ixion-Trine-Eris, implying that our anthem is something like “I Wonder how my Abandoned Genius is tied up in all this.”

The Mercury-Eris Square is Waxing (the Cycle is Growing), and the Initiation occurred (the Cycle is about…) in 23 Aries (Pregnant woman in light summer dress) – Nothing to hide, nothing to be Ashamed of.

Mars Squares Hopi (How do we reconcile our Anger with Respect for  All Things?  Hint: Just get off the bus, Gus.)  The Tricolor is Hopi Square Mars Quincunx Eris Trine Hopi, or “I Wonder what Action will be required by the New Information I’m likely to receive.”  The Mars-Hopi Square is also Waxing, having begun at 30 Cancer (A daughter of the American Revolution), Pay Attention to which Rituals are Required.

(2)  The other dominant Configuration, an Initiation of Sappho (Self-Love) by Orcus (Oath-Breaking), illuminates 7 Degrees of the Yin Signs.  It Opposes the ongoing Conjunction between Pallas (Boundaries) and Nessus (Abuse).  Which is to say, it’s time to Break any Oaths we made to Tolerate Abuse.  The Opposition is Truss-Bridged (Eased) by Lilith and Chariklo (Entire Generations of Women, back to the dawn of history, Stand Behind you in this).

The Opposition splits a Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This!) directed at Pallas-Nessus (Standing your Ground) in Pisces (Compassion).  The base of the QYod is the Quintile between the Moon and Venus-Varuna (No, back to the Dawn of Life!).  Which puts the Orcus-Sappho Initiation Decile (Abundance) to both Moon and Venus-Varuna (Making New Oaths to Uncompromising Self-Love).

Big Stuff!

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    brilliant, timely, relevant

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