Brexit and Goblinization

One of the Fears around “Brexit” is that Europe will become “Balkanized” again and create more Wars to End All Wars.  This is an intriguing fantasy (?) conversation from the Continent…

While the “populist” gets the last word, it makes it sound like a polite debate over which movie is better, rather than the struggle for Survival between the 1% who know it’s either “us or them” and the 99% who understand that even if they wanted to protect themselves at the expense of Others, they couldn’t pull it off.  Actually it’s probably more like 94%, if we pull out the Trump supporters who are duped into believing they can do just that if only the government, society, and minorities would get out of their way.

Here’s a more comprehensive view of globalization issues…

Obama’s TPP, which stands for the Toiled Paper Project because that’s what it’ll do for your nation’s Sovereignty, is kind of an EU-ization of the Pacific, excluding (purposely) the Chinese.  Nigel would have us believe that the EU operates in a similar fashion.  Does it?  I don’t know.  I know that the financial side of the EU is run by Wall Street alums with the same Perspective that has run the US into the toilet.  I don’t know how the EU ranks Citizens versus Corporations on other trade issues.  Maybe someone can educate me.

Here’s an even more comprehensive view; long, but worth it. He even recommends Curiosity about the “heartless corporate executives, greedy bankers, cowardly political elites, and drone-like bureaucrats and technocrats”

Thanks to fraveilve for the tip.

One Response to “Brexit and Goblinization”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    fun little read to stretch the weary worn synapses… for all who do, indeed, sail on our dreams…

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