Present Moment

Anxiety makes it difficult to stay in the Present Moment.  We’re so busy Interpreting what has happened and what might happen, that we have little bandwidth left to see what’s going on in the Moment, and the Present Moment is the Fulcrum on which the Future turns.  What’s True is “I Feel Anxious.”  That’s a Feeling, and we need to deal with it as an Emotion.  

The intellectual content that Anxiety triggers – or vice versa – is just noise, and if we try to “fix” it from the Perspective of our Anxiety, we’ll just screw it up.  There are a number of ways to deal with Anxiety as a Feeling, including Tapping ( ) and Meditating… 

Being Present with Anxiety as an Emotion – Where is it in my Body?  What does it Feel like there?  Hot, cold, tense, shivery?  Can I Embrace or Relax it there?  Am I Grounded?  Oh, there’s the mind again wanting to assign Blame; Thanks for Contributing, Honey; I’ll call you later.  Where was I…  Has that Sensation shifted or moved while I was away?

But before we can deal with Anxiety as a Feeling, we have to Realize that we’re in Anxiety, and remove our Attention from the compulsive intellectualizations that decorate it.  There’s an excellent reason why the word “Feeling” can refer to either Emotion or Sensation.  

It’s critically important for us to develop Skill with our Emotions, because they’re so intricately involved with our Values and our Instincts.  Intellectualizing or dismissing our Emotions results in constant Self-Sabotage, as you reject your own Values and ignore your own Instincts.

After you’ve

  • Explored the Physiological Sensations involved with this Feeling in this Moment – we might assign the same Emotion name to many different Physiological Sensations so we want to start afresh with each Experience, and after you’ve
  • Tapped out any Overwhelm that came with the Feeling – allow it to take many iterations if necessary (see below),
  • Done a long series of Kegels if you’re still in Fear – Kegels can make a huge shift in Fear; do as many as you need toand you
  • Feel Clear and Centered and Grounded, then 

You can check to see if any Action is needed.

Is my Tummy telling me I’m not Safe in this Moment, and I need to Act to get Safer?

Is there an Opportunity here I need to take advantage of?  I Wonder if it’s Real or Hype.

Do I need to take an Action to Support my Values?  Is it The Most Important Thing on my priority list?  I Wonder what Action will Support my Values most Effectively.

Is this just an Affront to my Ego?  What’s my Ego Attached to, that I’m Offended by this?  I Wonder what I might gain or lose if I Let it Go.

Of course we’d Change the Subject after each Wondering; if you aren’t sure why, look up PIAVA in the Categories List in the right-hand column of the home page.  (If you clicked on an individual post, the List won’t be on the screen; open a new tab and go to home page to find the List.)

Ultimately we Want to be able to Act quickly on our Instincts, and consistently Support our Values.  But for most of us, that will take a lot of Practice working with our Emotions, as they can lead us down many blind alleys when unexamined.

It’s  good practice to Ask yourself how intense your Overwhelm is on a scale of 1 to 10 before you Tap, and Ask again after a round.  You might go from 7 to 6, for instance.  Keep Tapping till you get to zero or close to it.  Modify your Tapping phrase each time if it Feels appropriate; you may be working with several issues at once.

There’s a whole literature about Taking Responsibility for our Feelings.  One good source is .  It’s not always easy, but if we’re going to move to Yintegrity, it’s very necessary.  In simple terms it’s the difference between “You did such-and-such, you Nasty-Name!” and “I feel Angry when you do such-and-such.”  The former invokes natural and appropriate Defensiveness.  The latter could well enlist cooperation to help you avoid Feeling unpleasantness.

“I feel Angry when you do such-and-such” does not imply that the person doing such-and-such is the cause of the first person’s Anger.  In many cases, if the so-and-so who does such-and-such is in the Habit of “walking on eggshells” to avoid triggering the first person’s Anger, they’ve got their own issues to work on.  Ultimately, the first person will have to examine their own Anger, and the second person their own Response to Anger.  

It might come down to “You remind me of my Hated Uncle when you do such-and-such” for the first person, and “I regress to three years old when you get Angry, and I’m Frightened” for the so-and-so.  Which is a huge improvement from the original Nasty-Namedness – and which opens a lot of doors for Cooperation and Collaboration.

The Centaur Pholus is about Taking Full Responsibility, and in the July New Moon chart Pholus is Squared by Chiron (Despair and Miracles).  Pholus also Conjoins, and sits at the Midpoint between, Ixion (Abandoned Genius) and Quaoar (the Technology to Survive), which Stellium is on and near the Galactic Center.  It gets even more complex in the coming Full Moon chart.

Which is to say, we need to Take Reponsibility for our Feelings, and for staying in the Present Moment, if we are to Survive and Thrive.

2 Responses to “Present Moment”

  1. arion444 Says:

    Impeccable timing. Wouldn’t having a good cry count for letting go as well as tapping? What does tapping actually do to feelings? Numb them out or what?

  2. Grandtrines Says:

    Reblogged this on Lost Dudeist Astrology.

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