Present Moment Plus One

Reader Arion444 asks…

Wouldn’t having a good cry count for letting go as well as tapping?  What does tapping actually do to feelings?  Numb them out or what?

A good cry, especially if it’s spontaneous, is great for Letting Go of Tension of any sort.  Lots of impromptu sobbing going on in this neck of the woods, often with “no good reason,” or with irrelevant justifications.

Tapping is a form of Accupressure.  You’re tapping on the ends of several Energy Meridians, and the impact is to Balance and Center your Energy.  Folks tend to naturally fall into two categories – “Chemists” and “Physicists.”  “Chemist” types think Matter is the Bottom Line, and don’t understand Energy any more than Extroverts understand Introverts.  “Physicist” types know that it’s really about Energy, and that Matter is just a shadow of Energy, as Plato suggested.

Donna Eden and Barbara Brennan have written many excellent books on the Huper Energy System.  Muktananda’s Play of Consciousness is a great introduction to Energy.  Here’s another…

Or search on “Chakra” in Amazon.  Many “diseases” and afflictions can sometimes be Healed in an instant by creating shifts in one’s Energy, as Accupuncture and Homeopathy (which works on Energy Frequencies) amply demonstrate.

When our Energy is Balanced, and we’re Centered and Grounded, Emotions become valuable sources of information, as do thoughts.  When either Emotion or thought Overwhelms Consciousness, we lose our Center and access to our all-important Intuition.  Resistance strengthens what’s Resisted.  

“A good cry” is an example of another good technique – replacing Resistance with Surrender.  The problem is Belief.  When either thought or Emotion is out of Control, it makes great entertainment.  But if we Believe the content of either, we can make Decisions that become Limiting Beliefs that can hold us back for decades and Lifetimes.

No, Tapping doesn’t “numb out” our Feelings.  Emotional Overwhelm, drugs, thought, programming, Culture, Horror, Alien invasion or abduction, and Minnesota can do that, but not Tapping.  Tapping Centers us so we become able to Feel our Emotions, give them their rightful place as Instincts or Values, receive the Information in them, and put it in Perspective along with all of the other Information we have from our thoughts, Intuitions, observations, Limiting Beliefs, and other sources.

Just kidding about Minnesota, in case you missed Garrison Keillor’s final show.

My favorite Tapping example is waking up in the middle of the night in Fright – Did I hear a crash downstairs, or did I just Imagine or Dream it?  What if it’s a bugular?  When this happens, I leave my Body, and what remains is kind of an electrified shell.  You don’t need to physically Tap – Energy follows Attention.  So you can Imagine tapping, you don’t even need to rock the bed.  Within one or two rounds of pretend Tapping I’m back in my Body where I can weigh the odds objectively.  It hasn’t been a Boogieman yet.

The impact of Tapping isn’t limited to the non-Physical.  One of my favorite uses is when I have to travel for the day, am getting ready to leave, and I want to krap first, but I don’t have time to wait around for normal peristalsis.  I Tap on “Even though my poop is slow, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself.”  It works every time.  As Nick Ortner says, “Try it on Everything.”

Another reader asks…

“Did you have an astrology context for sending this one out?  I sure am experiencing a ton of impendingness.”

My main reason is just the sheer amount of Uncertainty and Change we’re in the midst of while Mercury (mind) is Out of Bounds (Strong).  Anxiety can just Feel like Butterflies in the Belly, till the mind gets involved.  Once that happens, the mind goes into Helicopter Trips – What if this, What if that, What if those, O My!  Wop wop wop wop wop, as the blades go ’round and ’round.  Perfect for Mercury Out of Bounds.

The Mars Yod from Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne and Chaos-Vesta is also more than enough to freak anybody out, even if Mars wasn’t in Scorpio.  Like having little jet engines on the tip of each blade.  We also mentioned the Pholus-Ixion-Quaoar-Galactic Center Stellium.

Emotions are contagious.  When we get amped up in Emotional Overwhelm, the neighbors Feel it and have to fantasize their own reasons for what they’re Feeling.  In fact, often when we’re struggling to intellectualize our weird Feelings, they aren’t ours at all, they’re the neighbors!  If we want a Stable Planet, we all have to Take Full Responsibility for our Emotions, especially Anxiety and Blame.  Otherwise, we make Other Folks Live them.

Plus, the Full Moon chart is Amazing, so we need to be ready.

3 Responses to “Present Moment Plus One”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  2. arion444 Says:

    Unfortunately, Minnesota is in the headlines this morning

    • astrobuss Says:

      Just as the rampant mass-shooters seem to turn out to be on Prozac, I have no doubt that the trigger-happy police are acting on instincts honed in Iraq and Afghanistan. PTSD in action.

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