Upper Limits

Back in the 1980s Gay Hendricks came up with the very useful concept of Upper Limits – when we’re Changing faster than the Body-as-a-Whole is comfortable with, it will try to slow us down, and we often interpret that as a warning that we’ve taken a wrong turn.  I worked pretty hard back then to understand his approach to Upper Limits, but as I recall, Breathe and Rest were the two major pillars.

Today on her blog, Dr Kim gives us a great Tapping sequence for Upper Limits… 


I was unable to find what she referred to as “yesterday’s video” on Time Pressure – I’d love to find that one!  Here’s what seems to be “yesterday’s,” which I was intending to pass along anyway…


Here’s another good one for Upper Limits…


And if her “Time Pressure” video sounds valuable to you too, you can join me in searching her video blog at…


I’ve been busy lately and queued up several of her emails, but looking back through the blog I can see that I need to make time to review them all!  Meanwhile, I can ask; her staff is very responsive.  I recommend subscribing; email links to her videos arrive every few days and they’re always timely and fabulous.

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