Rebirth New Moon

The 4 July New Moon (4am PDT), which is a painting of how July will unfold, is relatively bland by itself.  But the auxiliary fireworks are Intense.

(1)  It’s not just about Rebirth, but about extraordinarily Fertile conditions for Rebirth.  We have a good chance of Connecting with our Raison d’être, and an excellent – if Confusing – Opportunity to Transcend our Limiting Beliefs.

Two things to Remember…

  • First, Confusion is good, Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  Avoid the temptation to try to find a Justification, or otherwise locate Certainty so you can get out of Confusion.  Bask in it!  It’s the first step toward obtaining or achieving what you’ve been Wanting, if you can stand to Allow it.
  • Second, Either/Or is always in the mind of the beholder; out there in the Real World it’s always Both/And.  And the more Perspectives you can hold, the more Relaxed and Capable you’ll feel toward whatever sort of Stew the Universe serves you.  If your Values are contravened, Celebrate!  We’re Transcending our Values here, in order to reconstellate at a higher level.

If you’re called to Action, go for it.  These are very Powerful Changes, and in their wake you could unchain your Abandoned Genius – what you’re enormously and Effortlessly the Best at.  Allowing great Abundance – however that looks for you – into your Life requires two things…

  • First, great Respect and Gratitude for your Innate Talents.
  • Second, Focused and Persistent Work to improve them.

We can do neither while our Natural Genius remains under wraps.

Forgetting why we Incarnated and accepting our Limiting Beliefs are two of the fetters on our Orphaned Genius.  If you listen closely, you’re likely to hear the voices of the people who Shamed you for being Present with your Greatness.  They were jealous of your Talents, or they were trying to Protect you, maybe Unconsciously handing down a Family Story about how a Talent like that got Great Uncle Smergel sent to Siberia or the Colonies, never to return.

Mike Adams calls himself the “Health Ranger,” and he runs a non-profit dedicated to eliminating poisons from Food.  Here’s one of his many fascinating projects…


(2)  Another important thing to Remember…

  • Karma is not about Retribution; Karma is about Inertia.  It’s a Habit.  Habits are cemented by Repetition, and broken by Repeating New Patterns to replace them.  Every time a recurring Bummer threatens to resurface, it’s an Opportunity to Change the Story.  Tap out the Emotions, Ask yourself How Old you Feel and Embrace your historical Child, Breathe, and Choose an alternative that’s Exciting.

Yes, your Culture is deteriorating.  It’s been sick for a long time, and they’ve been propping it up hoping it would be able to stand on its own again.  Like with Allopathic Medicine, where the side effects of the Medicines eventually kill the patient, the side effects of what they’ve been doing to try to Heal your Culture are finally killing it.

There’s a radio comedy here called “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” and on a recent show they asked Norman Lear if he had any advice for others who might want to Live to be 93 and still be Active and Present.  He said “Two Words – Done and Next.  If you can get a hammock between Done and Next, you’re Golden.”  Let your Culture go.  It’s Done.  There are two things we need to do…

  • Daydream about how a Great, Constructive, Functional, Cooperative, Exciting, Participatory Culture would Feel.  PIAVA it.
  • Wonder about how your Culture will Evolve, and what Role you’ll play in it.

It’s important to do Both.  We need to send Want Vibes out to the Universe, not Don’t-Want or Fear or Anger Vibes.  Those things will come back and bite us.  And Curiosity is very important here.  It’s a Co-Creation, and it hasn’t been Co-Created yet.  We’re just mixing up the batter and warming up the oven.  We need to project a Picture of how we Want it to turn out, without being Attached to the Picture.  We have to Allow it to turn out a lot better than we Imagine it will.

Truth is, we aren’t so good at Imagining, most of us, because what we Imagine is rooted in our Old Values, our Old Limitations, our Old Forgettings.  We’re Transcending all of those, so we have no idea how it will actually turn out.  But if we can Project the Energy of what we think we Want now, without being Specific, we can have an Impact on the Future without constraining it.  

The best way to do that is to Focus on How You Would Like to Feel.

Would you be most pleased to Feel Joyful?  Excited?  Satisfied?  Respected?  Understood?  Committed?  To be in a Culture you could Support Unreservedly, where All were Cooperating toward a critical Goal?  To be making a valuable Contribution, and Honored for it?  

“There are three things that endure: Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is Love.”   Faith and Hope involve Judgment – Faith in A not B, and Hope for C not D.  Love stretches out beyond Judgment, into Both/Yes-And.  Curiosity, Like Love, eschews Judgment.  Not Curiosity as in a Question that needs to be Answered, but Curiosity as in Don’t Know, as in Awe, as in stoned Wonderment.  As we were before we Learned Limitation.

Our Cultures are falling around us.  Let them Go – they’re Done.  Imagine a hammock where we can Enjoy stony Wonderment about what will come Next.  We aren’t quite Neutral, we have Wants.  We want to keep those, but hold them Lightly.  Tap out Feelings that we find unpleasant, and indulge Feelings that we Enjoy.  Dancing on a knife-edge, treading very Lightly.


(1)  Haumea (Rebirth) turns Direct a day and a half after the New Moon, meaning it’s very much Stationary (very Strong) at the New Moon.  It’s Opposed by Eris (Revelation of Denial) and the Uranus-Mnemosyne Initiation (Remembering why we Came Here) at 25 Aries (Cognitive Dissonance) that occurs 17 hours after the New Moon.  

And T-Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by Venus (Walking in Beauty).  The T-Square is double-Bridged (there is an Easy Way) by a Golden Rectangle (Great Grace) with Ixion (Forbidden Genius) and the Chaos-Vesta Initiation (Ditching Limiting Beliefs) at 22 Gemini (Celebrating Gratitude) that occurs 14 hours after the New Moon.

The Sextile (Grace after you take the first step) from Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne to Chaos-Vesta forms the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Mars (Energy).

(2) The New Moon at 13 Cancer (Willingness) Conjoins the asteroid Karma (Fear of Change).  It makes a Tricolor with the Waning Saturn-Neptune Square (Disintegration of our Cultures and Religions in order to clear away detritus so a New Form can Emerge) – it’s Trine (Grace) Neptune (Confusion; our Relationship with anything larger than ourself) and Quincunx (Curiosity) Saturn (The Most Important Thing).

It also Bridges (the Easy Path) the Nodal Axis (our “Destiny”).

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