Keening New Moon

This is so very timely and relevant…

Marlowe Brown comments on this…

“Whoa!  A couple of years ago, I saw the planet being enveloped by a healing sound coming from human voices all over the world.  I can’t even begin to describe the sound, but it was exquisite – like nothing I’ve heard (thus, can’t explain).  This whole time, I thought it had to be a global, synchronized song of healing, but what you’ve just described: “no plan or coordinated event, no direction, no aim; in fact, nothing but the wild cry of woman” really rings true.  Brilliant!  I’m on it!  Many thanks!”

And here’s one possible hint about how we might be Transformed by this “Descent” into the Void, or the Cleansing of our Identity…

We could all Shape-Shift into Healers, Shamans, Wizards, Magicians, and Curanderas…

As Russell Wilson would say, “Why not us?”  Let the Big Dreams and the Big Sounds out; they’ve been bottled up waaay too long.

This is a technicality, and Both/And definitely applies, but the Chariclo that Phoenix refers to in the Elder Mountain link is the nymph Chariclo, not the Centaur Chariklo.  The asteroid-comet-dwarf planet Chariklo was named for the latter.  

The dwarf planet and astronomical Centaur Chariklo at this New Moon joins Lilith in making a Truss Bridge across the Opposition between Orcus and Pallas-Nessus.  Strong enough to mention, for sure, just not as prominent in the chart as the two Configurations we did mention, because of the Station and Initiations.

A very prominent Limiting Belief that is available to be Let Go Of (we don’t use the term “Release” because we don’t want to Re-Lease it) here is the Belief that we were somehow Responsible for the Abuse we’ve received.

That’s important enough to say again…

A very prominent Limiting Belief that we can Let Go Of here is the Belief that we were somehow Responsible for the Abuse we received.

Some excellent relevant advice…

There are lots os ways that we can end up compulsively attracted to the Walking Wounded and/or the Walking Wounders, and we’ll never get our own Deepest Desires met that way, though if our Mission is to Heal Deep Wounds, it may lead us to that.  Either way, this week is a great time to Let Go of these Compulsions as well.

What a “coincidence” that Phoenix would draw our Attention to Chariklo and cause us to check her New-Moon position,

A double Trine Bridge across one opposition can take three different forms, all quite beneficent.  When the two Bridges are on opposite sides of the Opposition, the form may be either a Golden Rectangle (as in the case we discussed earlier with Ixion and Chaos-Vesta across the Haumea-Uranus-et-al Opposition), or a Grand Trine and Kite.  When both Bridges are on the same side of the Opposition, a Truss Bridge is formed.

Also, since we try to limit our interpretations to three Degrees of Sensitivity, we haven’t counted Pluto as a strong actor here, because he’s three-and-a-half Degrees off of an Opposition to the New Moon.  Splitting hairs, but there’s plenty going on within three Degrees, as we’ve documented in the Rebirth New Moon and Chaos New Moon, so to us Pluto is a bit of a distraction.  

As Master Transformer, however, he’s certainly absolutely relevant.  And here where all Archetypes are on vacation, clearly Master Trance-Reformer.  When an astroEnergy appears, there are always multiple signals from the Heavens, so it’s always Both/And, the more Perspectives in our quiver, the better.

By the way, Mercury is Out of Bounds until 9 July.  It’s been Out of Bounds since 12 June.  In the New Moon chart Mercury makes a Water Grand Trine with Mars and Neptune.

This will increase our Anxiety as much as it increases our Analytical Skill – which can be as disruptive to our Intuition as it is helpful to our intellectual understanding.  Here in July, it’s likely to help us manage our Confusion.  That’s great if it keeps us from going off the deep end, but not so good if it allies with a tendency to eschew Confusion.

3 Responses to “Keening New Moon”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

    Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate.

  2. lynnpaterson Says:

    Thanks for sharing, for including my pieces, and the comment, in your blog. Since I finally published that story, which was only a few days ago, something very lovely has become apparent and that is that when I shared my story, other ‘pieces’, other stories, came along and enhanced mine. And has you have done here, sharing is now much more than it seemed to be before. We are weaving a new story together.

  3. alchemist0310 Says:

    Yes! and thank you, Lynn for sharing your “pieces” with us. Beautiful food for the soul. And FYI I signed on to receive New Moon Blessings from Elder Mountain and received a beautiful note that I am indeed signed on! and can already feel the reception from down in Ashland, OR! Thank you Phoenix and thank you Jbuss for all these wondrous connects to bloggers, etc. While others were watching things blow up on 4 Jul, I was cozied in reading all these wonderful blogs. Love and Light to all my fellow Chiron(s)… Holding one another right now!! xo

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