Chaos New Moon

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This doubly-indented plain text explains the astrology, for anyone who knows a bit of astrology already, and for anyone who wants to learn some astrology “by osmosis” – read it enough times whether you understand or not, and pretty soon you’ll begin catching on to some of the terms and getting Curious about others.  

Triply-indented italic text defines astrological terms for when you get Curious.

Scroll down in the “Categories” list to the right, and you can find previous posts that go into more detail about terms and concepts that aren’t clear.  

As with any field of study, it just gets more and more complicated – for a while.  Then, at a certain point, enough things come together that everything you’ve learned already starts to Converge and become coherent.  If you’re Motivated, you’ll endure to the point of Convergence.  If not, the Frustration feels Discouraging, and you’ll move on to what Motivates you more.

In other words, it’s a metaphor for Life – Confusion is the first stage of Growth, Frustration when combined with Motivation is the second stage, Curiosity (the kind that Inspires us to seek Answers) is the third stage, and Permanent Curiosity (Wonder, as in Awe) is the result.  When Frustration stops you, it’s just not The Most Important Thing at the moment.

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Back to the July New Moon…

(1)  We are undergoing Reboot of our Memory – content, structure, implications – anything could change and Life-Changing Epiphanies are completely possible.

(2)  Our Unconscious Beliefs are being completely scrambled, including our Limiting Beliefs.  

(3)  Our Habit Patterns – content, structure, implications – are also up for grabs.  This includes our Karma.  Whatever you encounter that Feels like a Bummer, Let it Go.  It’s Done. It’s not shadowing you, you’re clinging to it, simply because it’s familiar.  We all have a natural Habit of considering familiar Bummers to be ours.  They aren’t.  They’re free agents.  Let them go.

(4)  Our Cultural Landmarks are also collapsing.  While the first three Reboots are personal and immediate, this one will take a while.  Our Cultural Landmarks are the sum and product of everyone’s personal Landmarks, and this month’s Reorg is huge enough that it will take us all a while to get our individual Lives restructured anyway.


So along with our Memory Structures, our Unconscious Beliefs, and our Habit Patterns, our Social Structures are also Rebooting.  The result will be Chaos, yes as in Disorder, but especially as in Unlimited Potential.  We have Options…

  • We can PIAVA what we Want and stay as much as we can in Curiosity about how it will unfold
  • We can bask in Gratitude for the Opportunity to have the decks cleared for takeoff 
  • We can freak out and try to hold on to what’s really Done
  • We can stumble around trying to squeeze succor from spigots that have dried up

I recommend the first two Options.  Everyone else is Changing too, so don’t get Stuck on an Alternative that you’ll later regret, whether it’s about Holding On or Letting Go.  Best to PIAVA, Change the Subject, and Pay Attention.  Action is required, but Action to Change your Expectations will be much more Powerful than Action to try to Create a specific Outcome.  

Action to maintain the Body Feeling that you’ll have when you receive or achieve your Deepest Desires, Action to maintain a state of Gratitude and Curiosity.  It’s a Holographic movie in Augmented Reality.  Enjoy the Show!


(1)  The Oppositions in the Golden Rectangle here are first, Stationary Haumea to Uranus-Eris-Mnemosyne and to the Uranus-Mnemosyne Initiation.

The dance between the two Oppositions drives the Energy of a Golden Rectangle.  Oppositions reflect the Second Harmonic – Duality, Ritual, Tradition, the Rule of Law.  And of course, as with all astrological and Unconscious concerns, the Opposite of these Energies, since the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction.

(2)  And second, Ixion to the Chaos-Vesta Initiation.

The dwarf planet Chaos does not represent Disorder, it represents Unlimited Potential.  It’s the Infinite Improbability Drive, if you’re a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe fan.  It you aren’t, you should be.  There’s a great deal of Wisdom in that series, as there is in all six books of the the Tales of Earthsea trilogy.

(3)  The asteroid Karma is sitting on the New Moon.

New Moons represent Renewal, even when Haumea isn’t involved.

(4)  The Waning Square from Saturn to Neptune.

Waning Squares represent the beginning of a period of disintegration, a Descent into the Void.  This is a Cleansing, a Healing Crisis, when symptoms appear to worsen as an Affliction is making its exit.  The classic texts on this subject are Starhawk’s Truth or Dare and Steven Levine’s Who Dies?, both indispensable to any education.

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