Held Emotion

Post-modern and post-quantum Biology suggests that each Cell in our Body is directly connected to the Zero Point Field (or “Vacuum” of Space) via it’s Mitochondria.  It’s worth noting that our Mitochondria have their own DNA, which is handed down directly from the Mother; the Father has no influence upon it (except perhaps through Abuse, as we’ll see).  Inside the Mitochondria there are “Microtubules” that open and close like Venetian Blinds.  

When these close, we’re cut off from the Zero Point Field, which contains all of the Information in the Universe (and beyond) – that is, we’re cut off from our Intuition.  There are two things that cause the Mitochondria to pull its Microtubule blinds closed.  First, Toxic substances trapped in our Cells – heavy metals or Toxic chemicals like those found in non-organic Grains and Sugars, chemical sweeteners, charred Meats, and the packaged faux food at your neighborhood grocery store.  

And Second, Held Emotions.  Held Emotions are highly correlated with our Limiting Beliefs.  This is not a Conscious process.  When we are Traumatized, which can occur because of a single Traumatic event or from long-term Chronic Abuse, our Body walls off the Emotions around the Trauma, because otherwise we would not be able to function and Survive.  We’d be a blubbering mess and dinner for any Saber-Toothed Tiger or IRS rep with a thick foreign accent.

When we lose access to any Emotion, we lose access to many subtleties of all Emotions.  And we Unconsciously shy away from any Experience that would trigger Memories of our Trauma.  Many of those Experiences are often important building blocks for Creating Fulfilling Activities, Relationships, and Survival.  The result is what we alternately refer to as Self-Sabotage, Limiting Beliefs,  Karma, and Abandoned Genius.  It’s also what keeps us from fulfilling our Deepest Desires.

The Body and Psyche have innate drives to Heal these Limitations.  So we stumble into Experiences of this sort repeatedly, since every recurrence is an Opportunity to become Conscious of the relationship between the Experience and the Held Emotion, and Choose a different Pattern.  We don’t always do it Consciously, but our Karma does not grasp us, we grasp it.  Until we recognize it, Change the Pattern, and put in enough reps to make the new Pattern permanent.

Here’s Dr. Kim’s excellent treatise on this subject…


We can often break through the Veil between our current Limiting Beliefs and their concomitant Avoidance, and their roots in our ancient Trauma by taking note of our “Transits” when our Trauma threatens to reawaken.  “Transits” is astrologuese for the angular relationships between the planets in the sky now (which we write about here) and the relationship between our Natal (Birth) planets and the planets in the sky now.  

If we’re having difficulty with the Current Moment, there’s a decent chance we can understand why, and how to “fix” it, by recalling what was going on in our Life at the previous times when the same astroEnergy was lit up.  For instance, the Muggles who are unable to tolerate Diversity and Equality, if they’re old enough, could learn a great deal by recalling what was happening for and to them in the 1960s, the last time Uranus and Pluto were lit up brightly.  

If they aren’t that old, they could examine the Lives of their parents in the 1960s, since we all Learn to take on the Limiting Beliefs of our Childhood Significant Others – it’s difficult to Survive otherwise.  Or even study the history (official storyline of the conquerors) or herstory (anecdotes from the conquered and discarded) of the 1960s, or of any of the previous times when similar astroEnergies were about.

 For instance, Uranus danced with Pluto in 1901-2 (Opposition), 1932-4 (Waning Square), 1965-6 (Ouija-Board Initiation and Conjunction), and 2012-15 (Waxing Square).

Uranus danced with Eris in 1903 (Waning Square), 1937-8 (Making Fun of Humans Initiation at 2 Aries and Conjunction), 1950-51 (Waxing Square), 1970-71 (Opposition), 1992-3 (Waning Square), and 2016-17 (Abundance Initiation and Conjunction).

Eris moves more than twice as slowly as Pluto (relative to us), so Uranus catches up to it more often.

There is a segment, or a figment, of the Ego that survives from Lifetime to Lifetime, or that connects to our Parallels.  Hence many of our Limiting Beliefs have their roots in Lifetimes other than our Present one.  There is not a one-to-one relationship between our Present Ego and our Past or Parallel Lives.  We may have Chosen for the current Lifetime to Heal Limiting Beliefs from several different Lives.  We may have Vowed to Heal someone else in another Lifetime, and we’re still working on it.

If you haven’t read Steven Levine’s Who Dies, you may not realize that your Identity is an Illusion.  You may perceive yourself (when you aren’t thinking about it) as your Body, your mind, your Emotions, your Energy, your Spirit or Power Animal, or as any number of other Entities and Fragments, especially introjections of our Programmers and Significant Others at various points in our Life.  Or we may think of ourself as our Resistance to those introjections, as in “I’m not one of those people who do that.”

No one’s Identity stops at their Skin.  The correlation between individual Hupers and Egos is much lower than that between Trauma and Limiting Belief.  Some folks say we just set the Karma we’ve Chosen to work on in a Lifetime by using a simulator just before we’re born.  If you’ve never encountered any of your Doubles, you haven’t heard the stories, and you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll tell the story of encountering one of my Doubles.

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