Chiron Standing

Some good Perspectives here…

And another timely warning that I still haven’t caught up here.  The Swiss Ephemeris had Chiron Standing Still at 4am PDT on 26 June – 20 hours ago.  I should have been writing about Despair and its homeopathic remedy, Self-Empathy.

Other than disorder in the Shadow Cabinet and Scottish Independence, I haven’t heard much hand-wringing about Leavia today here in the Colonies.  That would be appropriate, as Chironean Despair was certainly rampant in the high-drama Remainian propaganda mill Friday and Saturday.  After the Station, folks may be more able to shift their Perspective to the Miracles side of Chiron.

And the Swiss Ephemeris has half-past 4pm PDT 29 June for the Mars Station.  The Mars Station Opposes Sedna’s (Action Taken out of Fear) Initiation of asteroid Veritas (Truth) and makes a big Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) with Chiron and Varuna (the Life Force).  Powerful shift in The Way Things Are Done Around Here (Mars as Doingness), signifying Despair for those whose Power is based on Fear, and realignment with the Life Force for those who aspire to Live beyond Fear.

Isaac points out some interesting things.  For instance, our interpretation of Ceres is Sustainability – the essence of Grain is Sustenance, and our interpretation of Eris is Exposure of Denial – the root cause of temporary dischord, as the cards are rearranged.  

I hang out pretty far to the left, but I love the way Nigel Farage constantly and flagrantly Exposes EU Denial around its antidemocratic structure.  And for Germans to insist that Greeks and Italians and Spaniards Live by German Values is as ridiculous as it is perverse – and completely contrary to the Uranian and Lilithian trends toward Self-Sovereignty.  That, plus the EU’s capture by Goldman Sachs alums, makes the whole EU game Unsustainable.  

Very appropriate for Ceres-Uranus-Eris to blow that up.  The most sensible part of the Reaction to Leavia was the possibility that the EU Remainia would do some soul-searching.  British economists have never graduated from Colonialism.  EU economists, minions of Wall Street, are striving to achieve the modern form of Colonialism, where the 99% are quite literally Colonized by the 1%.  Thank Goodness that’s not Sustainable.

I haven’t found the time yet to look over the rest of 2016 and 2017-2020, so I’m intrigued by Isaac’s suggestion of “enough Uranian action later in this year and into the first quarter of 2017 to keep us on our toes.”  I look forward to investigating this!

One Response to “Chiron Standing”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    wow, so nice to be traveling this past week and bringing my abandoned genius to all. I even taught piava to a few on my journey. and of course as we do, learn a thing or two or three ourselves… so good it is to get away to test out our stuff on the world. super vibe does prevail.

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