Uranus-Eris III

In the third (and last major) layer of the Eris-Uranus Initiation chart, we return to complexity.  The main effect of the third layer is about recognizing that The Unknown has more Value than The Known, and that we needn’t waste Anxiety on The Unknown, because we’ll be Guided in the right Directions.  Or Yanked, if we ignore the Guidance.

As they say, “for now we see through a glass darkly,” so there’s no use trying to make sense of it analytically; it’s bigger than mindstuff.  I know, we were programmed to Believe that mind was bigger than Reality, but unfortunately, that was bullshit.  Mind is a Patriarchy thing, and Patriarchy has been trying to wipe out Sacred Respect for Everything Else for too long now.  They still haven’t “won” (that’s their concept), and they won’t, because no matter how hard you try to measure a round whole with a rigid linear ruler, Reality isn’t Dual.

This Energy peaked last week, but it plays a prominent role in defining the Century, so we’re still trying to measure it.

(1)  Your Values are way too small.  The Future is going to demand a lot more of you.  You’ll need to Respect All Things, and to “Go with the Flow.”

(2)  There is a Challenge to integrate Memories and other Information that won’t let us forget, but which we have a hard time fitting into the Concept Set we use to organize our World.  Two Questions will rescue us from that Frustration…

  • How might this Information Expand what I understand about my Mission in this Lifetime?
  • If I Respected All Things, would that Change how I’m dealing with this Information?

(3) Timing is Everything.  Take a project you’re involved in, and try this Affirmation…

  • Over the next week, my Actions on this project occur at just the Right Moment for maximum Effect.

See if it makes a difference.  If it does, use it in everything you do.  If it doesn’t, Ask why not, and Adjust it according to the Guidance you’re given.

The Astrology

This third layer of the Eris-Uranus Initiation chart spans 17-21 Degrees.  The major Configurations include…

(1)  A T-Square to Sun-Venus-Chaos from the Nodes, with Jupiter near the North Node and Neptune near the South Node.  Sun-Venus-Chaos is at the near Midpoint between Hopi and Ceres-Mnemosyme (Sextile to both), and Pluto makes a Trine Bridge across the Nodal Axis.  This creates Yods to Pluto and Hopi.

(2)  A Trine Fez (Ceres-Mnemosyme Square Pluto Trine Jupiter-North Node Unx Hopi Trine Ceres-Mnemosyme); the central Quincunxes are Ceres-Mnemosyme to Jupiter-North Node and Hopi to Pluto.

(3)  A Pluto Septile Kite: Mars and Pluto Triseptile to, and Pallas Biseptile to, Sun-Venus-Chaos, and Mars Biseptile to Pallas.

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