Uranus-Eris II

The second layer of the Eris-Uranus Initiation chart is very much simpler, though not at all trivial.  Remember, this Initiation is a birth chart for the next 90 years; the next Eris-Uranus Cycle doesn’t begin till early in the 22nd Century.  The Energy we describe in this Uranus-Neptune series of posts will be a major component of the relationship between our Consciousness and the Unconscious during most of the next Century – for Individuals, for Cultures, and for the Planet.

In this second layer of this birth chart, The Most Important Things are… 

  1. To get in the Habit of becoming Aware of the Patterns and Archetypes that Constrain us, moment to moment – what a “coincidence,” with Eris-Uranus Asking us to do basically the same; Trust your Intuition on this
  2. To Embrace Confusion as the first stage of Growth, and as an Opportunity to move our source of Security from mindstuff to Spirit – imagine if we responded this way to dementia (which is nothing but Dimensia anyway, a sacred return to Beginners Mind)
  3. To remember to shift our Focus from hassle to Respect for All Things whenever a Conflict or Difficulty arises, particularly to shift our Emotional Focus
  4. Whenever you’re thinking about Expanding, add ten percent; whenever you’re thinking about Shrinking, consider what might happen if you Expanded instead, and Expanded a bit more than you usually would

The Astrology

The chart or layer we dissected in yesterday’s post, Uranus-Eris I, spanned 22-28 Degrees – so it will light up your natal planets in those Degrees more than it will trigger the Average Bear.  In it the Grand Trine was in Fire, and the T-Square in Fixed Signs.

This second chart covers 11-16 Degrees.  It’s a Mutable Grand Cross (Hassles, but not debilitating, more about Training for Hypercompetence), with only one Bridge (an Easier Path).  Saturn (The Most Important Thing) sits on one corner of the Grand Cross.

(1)  Opposing Saturn is Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs), which is Conjunct the Centaur and dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition).

(2)  Neptune (Material Confusion, Spiritual Clarity) is on one end of the other axis of the Grand Cross, near (five degrees, close enough to impact the Century if not the week) the South Node (our Accumulated Patterns, Hidden Skills, and Held or Resisted Emotions).

(3)  The Bridge (an easier Shortcut) Trines (Dumb-luck Grace) Saturn and Quincunxes (Curiosity) Neptune.  It’s formed by the Moon (Instinct) and the asteroid Hopi (Respect for All Things).

(4)  Jupiter (Expansion) and the North Node (our sense of Mission and Deepest Desires) Opposes Neptune.

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