Waning II

Our Chief Asteroid Officer noticed a couple of additional things going on in the 26 May Jupiter-Saturn Square chart that we missed.

Not only has OR10 recently Initiated Pallas, but today Nessus does the same, at 6 Pisces, “A parade of army officers in full dress.”  And, Lilith is Conjunct Juno at the head of the Quintile Yod from Chiron and the Venus-Vesta-Sun Stellium.  The Lilith-Juno Initiation occurred last September, in 4 Libra, “Around a campfire a group of young people sit in spiritual communion.”  The current Juno-Lilith Conjunction, complete 29 May, is an Exposition.

Earlier we said, about the Juno QYod, that “it’s time to Learn to bring our Bummers up into Consciousness and deal with them as Masks rather than bottom-line Truths.  Seeing it now as a Juno-Lilith QYod, we can also say, it’s time to Learn to bring our Yangtegrity – our own collaboration with the Patriarchy – up into Consciousness and deal with it as a Mask rather than as a bottom-line Truth.

The asteroid Astraea, Innocence, was with Venus one foot of the Pluto Mjolnir.  We discovered that it was being Initiated by Orcus, who Punished Oath-Breakers for a living, and being Opposed by Pallas (Boundaries).  It turns out that Pallas is also being Initiated, as we speak, by dwarf planet Nessus.  Nessus symbolizes Privilege and Abuse, so a new Pallas-Nessus Cycle will always be welcome if it strengthens our Boundaries against Abuse.  

This new Cycle will be about army officers in dress uniform.  Armies don’t have the best reputation for controlling abuse, but at least the dress uniforms imply that they aren’t in killing mode.  I’m not sure there’s anything on the planet more strictly hierarchical than an army.  So the Patriarchy theme comes up again, this time suggesting Lightning-like Insights about our Boundaries around Yintegrity-killing Discipline.  

How might we sum up all this information?  Let’s start with a tally…

  • Overlighting theme is Dropping more Masks (impending Eris-Uranus Configuration, Eris-Uranus Quintile Yod)
  • Strong foreground is about Challenge and Mastery over Introversion and Extroversion (Jupiter-Saturn)
  • Preparation for Change in the economic structure is also prominent (Jupiter-Saturn, Chiron-Neptune)
  • Consciousness about Gender Balance grows (Juno-Lilith Quintile Yod)
  • Grace is available for Changing our Karma (South Node Kite)
  • Don’t be surprised by Sudden Big Epiphanies around your Transformation (Pluto Mjolnir)
  • Boundary issues are Lit Up (Pallas Initiations by OR10 and Nessus)
  • In this Transformation we may be able to Recover access to our Abandoned Genius (Ixion Grand Trine)

I guess if we had to put it in one sentence, it might be that we’re seeing another sledgehammer blow (or Lightning strike) to the foundation that holds up the Patriarchy.

4 Responses to “Waning II”

  1. soulspeak2013 Says:

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  2. Jen Says:

    Good morning! Im really new to many of these concepts and find them all very intriguing, but challenging to grasp and understand. What is the Patriarchy? Does anyone have a resource that would help to bring understanding on the subject? Many thanks.

  3. astrobuss Says:

    Hi Jen! Feel free to ask as many questions as you want; I’ll try to answer as many as I can. For many terms, you can use the “Categories” list in the right-hand column for more information – but Patriarchy isn’t there, so I’ll write about it! Thanks for asking!

  4. dreamweaver333 Says:

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