A reader wants to know what we mean by the Patriarchy, which is an excellent question!

In what “Science” refers to as “Primitive” Cultures (we prefer the term “Primary” Cultures), community members are not raised to see themselves as Individuals, they’re raised to see themselves as Community Members.  We usually refer to “being raised” as “being programmed,” because that’s what our Cultural conditioning amounts to.   People in Primary Cultures (think Native Americans or Australian Aboriginals before the Europeans arrived) in general don’t think of themselves as distinct entities, but as part of their Community (Tribe, Village, Family).  

Primary Cultures are usually matrilineal and oriented around the Women in the Community.  For instance, in Mohawk Tribes, the Women act as Guides for the Community, while the Men follow their Guidance.  Robert Moss writes about this in several of his books.  A general term for Primary Cultures is “the Matriarchy” – Cultures centered around Elder Women.  When a Matriarchal tribe captures a member of another Community, they don’t make them a slave, they make them an integrated member of the Community.

Beginning with the Greeks, evidently, the Matriarchy was overthrown, and Culture became Male-Centered; this is the Patriarchy.  While the Matriarchy was oriented around Equality, Consensus, Collaboration, and Diversity, the Patriarchy is oriented around Superiority, Hierarchy, Competition, and Conformity.  The Patriarchy’s days are numbered, as its approach to Survival is obviously a miserable failure (unless you’re in the 1%, and even that is iffy).  An excellent summary of these Energies is Genia Pauli Haddon’s Body Metaphors.

Rather than equating Yin to Female and Yang to Male, Genia differentiates Yin Female from Yang Female, and Yang Male from Yin Male.  She considers the Matriarchy to be centered around the Yin Female, and the Patriarchy around the Yang Male.  She expects that the next phase will be centered around the Yang Female.  She uses the metaphor of the womb as symbolic of the Nurturance of the Yin Female and the Matriarchy, and the metaphor of the phallus as symbolic of the Competition of the Yang Male and the Patriarchy.  

The Yang Female Energy, symbolized by the Power of Birthing, is centered around the Cultural Value of Identification with the Group and the Individual, as equal in value.  Presumably, by the time we get to the Age of Capricorn in a couple of thousand years, the Yin Male Energies will dominate, symbolized by the Protective nature of the testicles.

Identity is everything when we’re dealing with the psychological and social functioning of Hupers.  If we’re Identified with our Individuality, then we’re always weighing our own gains against the gains of our Groups.  If you study for instance commercial fishermen, without outside constraints they will compete for the last fish, ignoring the fact that they’re destroying their livelihood and possibly their Survival in the process.  In order to get commercial fishermen to leave enough fish of sufficient age to guarantee continuation of the species, you need strong regulation, and many commercial fishermen strongly resist even that.

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  1. Jen Says:

    Many thanks for the clarification!!! :)

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